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[Story Non Cyberiad]Stories of Sefra'Neem

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((didn't know where else to put it so its going here, not based on the cyberiad for the most part))

“So Since you are new to the station this is probably going to be your most efficient route without getting lost.”

The human hand held the purple tinged PDA with a map on its screen, the map itself had a flashing route line on it. “Don’t worry about rushing things, there is another Janitor on shift she will handle some of the major stuff while you get use to things. Just remember, put down signs. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, put down signs when you mop.”

The PDA was passed to the waiting red furred paw of a Tajaran wearing a typical station Janitorial uniform. “IF they do slip with a sign down you have my blessing to point at the sign and keep mopping.”

The human Head of Personnel laughed and slapped the feline on the shoulder, half startling her as he went toward the door to the Janitorial closet.

“Don’t worry Sefra’neem! Your first job will be fine! PDA me if any one yells at you!”

“R-right..She will do her best!” the door closed behind the human leaving Sefra to take a deep breath and gather her supplies and pull her cart out the closet.


It was just cleaning, what could go wrong?


“Besides the clown…”


She arrived at her first stop on her route setting up her signs,


“...or an angry slipped assistant..”


Next her mop went in the bucket then to the floor, starting to clean the area of the hall.






Sefra turned around mop in hand, leading to a stare down between her an scientist on the floor, apparently quickly moving across wet ground. The stares lasted a long while before the Taj timidly pointed to the sign she set up causing a grunt from the scientist before he stood up and shuffled away, slowly.


The shift was going uneventful as she made her way along with her cleaning, checking her PDA every so often to ensure she was on the right track, however as she passed one of the Aux storage doors she stopped, Sefras ears perking up.


She listened before speaking into her headset, “She hears beeping.”, her earpiece was barraged with a chorus of voices screaming ‘where’, before Sefra could respond she was blasted into the opposite wall by twisted metal and part of the airlock door she was near.

It must have been shock keeping Sefra’neem awake at that point. Her eyes were blurred and her hearing was muffled, and everything on one side felt SHARP and almost like it was burning off. When she was able to focus her eyes the area was bathed in red..not just from the alarm lights, there was blood..ALOT of blood. TOO MUCH BLOOD!

Someone had to have been next to that explosion other than her but when her eyes went to try to examine herself there was too much blood there...and bits of fur...and..and was that a foot?


It was then Sefra felt her grip on consciousness slipping off, she was also felt herself being dragged and muffled squeaking noises..she tried to focus, Was that the clown? What was left of her vision went black to the sound of clown shoes.


A sharp gasp and Sefras eyes snapped open, she couldn’t help but test the fingers on her robotic hand. It was a bad dream of a memory but she was home on mars, in bed next to her mate. She couldn’t help but wrap herself around Jay whot let out a grunt, it was going to be one of those mornings he needed the crowbar to remove the clinging Sefra.

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