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MRP Trash: Whats your story?

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There are certain individuals who accuse our server of just being another LRP server. This is where you can prove them wrong. Share a story of a time you or someone else broke off from the normal routine, slowed down a bit, and allowed something interesting to happen. Maybe your story will inspire someone else to try something different as well.

I'll start with a story of my own.

I begin my shift in the janitors closet. I hunger for blood. I am a vampire.

I realize I must make some effort to conceal my presence. I gather my janitorial supplies. Pack up my cart. I still need more to aid my hunt. I make some cable cuffs and grab a roll of duct tape.

I begin stalking maintenance. I come across a man near the turbine. We have a short conversation, then he walks over to me and attempts to glare me. I laugh and inform him I'm the same as him, glaring him as well. We wish each other luck and part ways.

I scour all of maintenance with no luck. I'm absolutely starving. Perhaps a mouse will hold me over. I devour the defenseless creature. It doesn't quell my hunger in the least. I continue my hunt.

As I approach the old kitchen in medical maint for the second time, I see a light approach from around the corner. It's a security officer. We greet each other. She is cautious about my presence. I see another mouse and take it as an opportunity to distract her.

I hiss "Chakax lookss for tasty micess"

Her look changes from puzzled to worried as I devour it.

"Disgusting!" she says as she tries to turn her attention away from the grotesque act she just witnesses by focusing her attention on the old restaurant.

I say "Yousss knowss..."

She looks at me with yet another puzzled look.

"Youss kinda of lookss tasties too"

I glare her and she collapses to the ground. I first put duct tape over her mouth before she has a chance to scream for help. After, I attempt to put cuffs on her but she recovers too quickly. She quickly pulls out her stun baton and knocks me down. She begins to cuff me, but I glare her again before she finishes. I now have her stun baton, she wields her taser. We scuffle, stunning each other, even both managing to slip on the soap that fell out of my belt. I finally manage to overcome her. I pull her deeper into the kitchen. Finally I can feed! As I sink my teeth in she stands up and runs to the other side of the counter. What went wrong? As she rips the duct tape off her mouth I see the cable cuffs on the ground by her feet. In my haste I never finished putting them on her! She manages to stammer "HELP!" on comms before I stun her and duct tape her one more time. This time I make sure the cuffs are secure. I turn her sensors off and drag her deeper into maintenance.

This poor girl is terrified. I have no plans to kill her, I just NEED to feed. I apologize to her and sink my teeth into her neck. As I get the first delicious rush of blood I hear the click clack or approaching jackboots. Her single sheik for help did the trick. I barely get to drink before I am overwhelmed by 3 other officers. I am detained. They accuse me of attempted murder. I tell them I had no intention of killing her, they I just needed a taste, but they've no reason to beleive me. 

I struggle, glaring them frequently on the way to the brig. I think I'm done for. One if the officers has had enough and says I'll be easier to handle if I'm unconscious. They begin to bash my skull in to the point where it almost kills me. Another officer says "Enough!" and they ease off before I expire. My head is throbbing, my skull is broken, I'm nearly blind. I inform them of my ailments but they care not. I'm just a horrible monster to them.

They deliver me to the warden who begins to prep me for perma. I've stopped struggling at this point realizing it's not helping me. The officer who beat my skull in is saying I need to be killed, saying the law no longer applies to me because I'm not crew. The warden informs him otherwise and shoos him away.

I feel faint due to blood loss. A medical borg shows up and attempts to fix me in my cell. No luck. He and the warden bring me to medbay for proper treatment. The medical borgs surgery module is malfunctioning, the warden attempts to assist with the surgery but is only a man of the law so cannot perform such complex procedures. They medicate me as best they can and send me back to perma.

I'm still in really bad shape. The borg promises me further treatment that never comes. I can barely walk. I keep passing out. I attempt to call for help but they forgot to give me a headset! I attempt to summon the AI several times with no response. I am dying. In a last desperate attempt I reach out for help via newscaster. The darkness closes in. I take my last breath.

Could this be the end?



The brig doctor greets and cuffs me. I'm confused and he informs me of my demise as he escorts me back to the warden. As they put me in perma I ask if I can make a special request due to my behavior. I want certain tools so I can remodel perma. They say I'm a good man and trust me, but I'm about to get a roommate who is far more dangerous, so they must decline. I nod and he carrys on.

I decide I need to try to escape. I break all the lights. Make a hole in the basketball court. I'm not sure if I'll survive, but must try. As I wait for the pressure to stabilize, there is a meteor shower.


 Direct hit. A meteor destroys the floor directly below me. I am in agony as I'm exposed to the sun and my skin lights fire. Endless pain followed by a familiar darkness.

Surely this is the end...


I stumble from the cloner once more. But this time I am alone. How could this be possible? The computer must have duplicated my genetic data the last time I was cloned.

I slip through the open door and run out through the lobby. Will anyone recognize me? Panicked and confused I run towards engineering. Along the way I pass a group of security officers dispatching an aggressive vampire in the halls.  I manage to slip by unnoticed and reach the engineering hallway.

A man limps towards me and stammer "H-help..." I have a dilemma. This man needs help, but would be such an easy victim. What to do. I shake off my hunger and decide to help him. I drag the man to Medbay, and on the way back pass the officers and now dead vampire.

The officer who was my original victim notices me and pursues me into Medbay. Thier lasers burn my skin and I drop the engineer.

As I writhe in pain I beg for mercy, trying to explain the cloning accident. They lower thier weapon and cuff me. As they attempt to make sense of the situation the chaplain, who also pursued, grabs me and starts dragging me towards the chapel.

"We need to burn him!"

I argue but its no use. I am terrified. All I can do now is pray.

Seconds before the chaplain shoves me in the incinerator, he falls still. It's as if the gods themselves were speaking to him (kek). After a moment he gives me back to the officer. She is still confused about what to do with me and is attempting to get clarification from her superiors over comms. I appreciate her efforts but inform her that my skin is started to feel hot as I nervously glance around the chapel. Too late. I burst into flames. She drags me off in a panic screaming about the situation into her headset as the darkness takes me once again.

My soul hangs over my lifeless body as I watch security debate about what to do with me next. One officer is delighted at the sight of my corpse, commenting that he loves cooked lizard. They shun me for feeding on them but joke about feeding on me? Disgusting. Who's the real monster here? A decision is made and my corpse is brought to Medbay. Yet again, the darkness is ended by a familiar flash of light.

This time the former warden, now acting HOS greets me. "Here we go again" he says and we chuckle about my misfortunes. He escorts me back to the brig uncuffed. As my mind settles I again begin to hunger...

He hands me to the new warden and tells them to put me in isolation. Perma is too damaged from the meteors. He grabs me and brings me into the prisoner lockers to dress me. This could be my last chance to feed...

I apologize to him just before I glare him and sink my teeth into his neck. The sweet taste of blood yet again. He screams for help as he recovers from my gaze. As soon as he regains his footing I back off and put my hands up. Inform him that I just needed a taste to hold me over. Other officers have arrived to aid him. Disgruntled, he rubs the wound on his neck and cuffs me, seeking to blame whoever failed to cuff me in the first place. An outdated security borg beats me a few times, saying I need should be killed. I laugh and cough up blood as I inform them they need to update thier Space Law databanks. They beat me a bit more until they are reprimanded by the warden.

I'm now in isolation. My original victim waits outside my cell and chats with me. I again apologize and they tell me that they now beleive I never planned to kill them. Her name is Natalya. I tell her that I'm going to write her a poem as a gift.

As I put the final touches on my poem I hear that the shuttle has been called. Natalya and the HOS are outside my cell. The HOS informs me I'm being paroled. Could this be true? Orders straight from central command. Glorious!

I give Natalya the poem and we walk to the shuttle together. As we walk I pause and say "Chakax nots wants to eats yoos, buts insteads..." and I give her a hug. To my surprise, she whispers to me that she also has a gift for me as well. A blood pack she stole from brigbay. I am delighted.

We sit on the shuttle in the passenger section. I am free. As we reminisce about the shift, a mischievous vox steals her taser from her hand. The vox then points it at me and pulls the trigger. I am overcome with rage.

I roar "CHAKAX WILLS EATS FILTHY BIRDS!" I lunge out of my seat and sink my fangs into his neck. It tastes foul but I do not care. They manage to push me off after a short while there is a scuffle and the vox is detained. I scream I'm going to kill him but Natalya gets me to focus on her and calms me. As I find comfort in her eyes, she collapses to the floor. I help her up as I turn away my head away. I apologize for the curse of my species when I gaze into someone's eyes for too long. She understands. We chuckle and chat a bit more.

And that's where this story ends. All that due to me getting caught early, going with the flow, and thankfully dealing with a security crew who was willing to play along. And an admin who was able to stop the chaplain at the very last second before I was removed for good. 

I know its not always like this. Some rounds I'll get illegally executed and completly removed from the round or left in perma to rot. I've had literally dozens of rounds where I attempted to start a conversation with a potential antagonist only to have my round wordlessly and swiftly ended. I don't let it break my resolve. It's still worth it for the rounds that turn out like this one did. Those rounds are the reason I continue to play.

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EDIT: Holy shit this is freaking long.
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There was a blob round that was going badly.  I was the AI (as A.N.G.E.L)

At first I tried to help crew escape but then CentComm override me to enforce quarantine. The nuke was armed and everyone was going to die. The Vox Chief engineer (Yakikik-something I think?) came to my satellite and I thought they planned to card me so they could escape to the engineering shuttle. I explained I couldn't allow anyone to leave and they said they didn't plan to leave.  I asked why they wanted access to my core, then, and they responded.

"Is not want to dies alone."

I let them in. We talked for a bit in the minute or before the nuke went off and A.N.G.E.L confessed that they were afraid to die.  The CE admitted they were as well, but were glad they weren't doing it alone.  We said goodbye to eachother as the nuke detonated.

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It was a changeling round, I started of as a Life Support Specialist (and a changeling). I had the Chief Engineer as a target, and was unsure how to deal with them.

Until my other partner, a Atmospheric Technician, mentions that he thinks that there is a changeling in the engineering department. At that point, I smile evilly internally, a plan hatching.

About five to ten minutes after my partner mentions his fears, I approach him and have some small talk, before telling him that the CE is rather suspicious, wandering around maintenance and being rather quiet. Then I mention they may be a changeling, and the reaction of my partner is nervous and of being unsure about it. I tell him that, for our protection, we should investigate if the CE was actually a changeling. 

We hatch a plan (fake plan for me) on luring the CE to the turbine, stunning them, and cuffing them, in a attempt to provoke some sort of changeling behavior from them (I was evilly laughing internally how I had the Atmos Tech all tricked). I go get some cable cuffs and two stun prods.

We go to the turbine, I set up two chairs, my partner oblivious or unconcerned with the presence of the second chair. We call in the CE, to "get a opinion on the turbine setup". They come in, I mute sting them and stun them, cuffing them to the chair. During that time, my partner exclaims at the CE to give up the act. Moments later, I mute sting and stun my partner, cuffing them to the second chair. I remove their headsets.

I proceed to tell them that, yes, there was a changeling in the turbine, but it wasn't the CE, it was me the whole time. I tell them kindly that they both will be disposed of, and that I was hungry.

As I start to absorb the Chief Engineer, I discover the Security team running towards the turbine (I had thermal eyes, and I was unsure to how I was discovered). Knowing how changelings are dealt with by Security, and that I didn't have much offense abilities ability, I split and jump into the turbine disposals (Security for some reason went after my cuffed partner, stunning him, giving me the chance to escape).

I end up floating out into space. I quickly replace my coat and hat with a space suit set I found earlier, which I discover was fake. I end up "dying" and reviving, all the way to the derelict, where I stayed for the short duration of the round.

I wasn't able to complete my goals, but I had some satisfaction on my evil plan and in tricking my partner.

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So I was a traitor Geneticist and my original thoughts where "Wow nice, I'll get me some nice powers, order some syndicate equipment and try to complete my objectives"

So there I was sitting in my lab testing out the powers on myself, well I only got one "power" before it happened...and that was "Incendiary Mitochondria" so it was of no use to me. You may ask what it where? Well a giant explosion right behind my wall which destroyed my entire workplace plus we had a big hole in the station. But the best part is that I got the deafness disability and wanted to cure it in the exact same moment the bomb has gone off.

So there I was, deaf, my workplace gone and with that my clean SE and the chemist haven't made any Mutadone at the moment . What happened after that? I have just a slight idea because my deafness was never cured. There was an outbreak of GBS, Brainrot and something else and because of that I never got any Mutadone. I ended up locking myself in the janitorial closet but that wasn't a problem since I had an emag and wanted to emag my way out into the maints and here is the point where it gets interesting. 

As I emag the door to the maints I see the CE right behind it, panicking I run past him and take the first door on the left....dead end....there is no point in running anymore so I just wait until he comes closer. Explaining to him that I am deaf I hand him I piece of paper so he can write down his words. 

"Well he will call Security now and I will enjoy a nice cell in perma" is what I am thinking at the time. 

He finishes writing and gives me back the paper it reads:   Am just a tiny bit hungry. You look delicios. Hope you don't mind. 

"Oh....shit...." are the only words I stammer before he glares at me, cuffs me, and draggs me deeper into the maintenance. I eventually convince him to spare me and he agrees, since he has allready killed today and even brings me to medbay after he calmed his hunger. We give each other a meaningfull look and go apart not mentioning what happened back there.

I must say it's certainly interesting beeing deaf and not knowing what happens untill you find out the hard way....


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One shift on the Cyberiad, B.E.E.R comes in, looks at his ID, and does a double take- Virologist?! The hell? And then the realization sets in, Nar'Sie is the true saviour, and I must bring about his return.

[Medical] B.E.E.R says, "Hey uhh... I have no idea what I'm doing, could someone come give me a hand?"

I quickly make a rune to attempt to lock him there, and fail in the end. B.E.E.R  is caught, and sent to the brig, where he is deconverte-

"What? Where am I? Why am I here?" "You were a cultist, you're deconverted now." "A... cultist? Oh god, did I hurt anyone? Please tell me nobody was hurt." "We don't know. You came in peacefully, so you're free to go." "A fucking cultist... I need to go."

They let B.E.E.R leave, he strips off all of his virology stuff, and ends up in the holodeck, wasted and traumatized. He throws his headset across the room and sits there, hoping nobody got hurt.

In walks L.I.L.Y, upset for unknown reasons. After a short, mildly awkward silence, they greet eachother, and lay in the snow, talking about various things. B.E.E.R cheers up some, and they start walking to the bar, when suddenly

Space time anomalies detected aboard the station, there is no additional data.

"No... No! Not again! No!" B.E.E.R runs, eventually ending up inside the security escape pod. "I couldn't save them... Nobody could... It's useless."

L.I.L.Y walks in, asking "Who couldn't be saved?"

"Those poor souls... Nobody could have..."

The emergency shuttle has docked with the station.

L.I.L.Y gives B.E.E.R a warm embrace, "It's okay, you're safe."

B.E.E.R tells a story, as the pod undocks, and they fly off to central.

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I had an interesting time as a Syndicate Assassin, though I wish I had murdered a little bit less. Anyways, one of my assassinations was kinda interesting cause RP played some role in it.

As Syndicate Assassin, you get an ebow, a .357 revolver, and an all access ID. Pretty strong equipment that allows you to take down anyone easily. So, my method of assassinating this round was just to walk around all official-like, and act like I belonged, kill my target, and just act like nothing had happened. One of my targets was a cargo tech named Yuri. I found Yuri at the HoP line, and so I immediately decide that the best place to assassinate Yuri would be the NT rep office, since it has shutters. So I walk up to Yuri, and say (all dialogue from this point forward is just vaguely from memory, I didn't save a log of this) "Hey Yuri, this is important. I need to speak with you about a high priority issue". Yuri agrees, tells the HoP he'll talk to him later, and follows me into the NT rep's office, where he sat down at the desk on the other side of me, and I sit down behind the desk within reach of the shutters button.

Unfortunately, a sec borg saw this happen and was watching from the outside. So, I decided that this would need to be more drawn out, and I would have to act like I was doing official business, and hopefully the borg would just get bored and walk away. Knowing that cargo techs often do weird shit in their boredom, I open with:

Me: Hey Yuri, so we've heard about the things you've been doing in cargo...

Yuri: Oh, I collect exotic meats.

He places a slab of pug meat on the desk. I roll with this.

Me: So, yeah, my bosses aren't too happy with this. We consider dog meat unethical.

Yuri: But they do it in the Earth country China.

Me: Well, you see, on the station I come from, eating dog meat is banned.

Yuri: But it's not really hurting anyone...

Me: Well, in the past, eating dog meat might have been okay, but given the high presence of Vulpkanin crew members on this station, eating dog meat can be considered offensive and insensitive.

As we continue to debate the ethics of dog meat, eventually the sec borg gets bored and goes away. At this point I close the shutters of the NT rep office.

Me: So, Yuri, do you know what the punishment is on our station for eating dog meat?

Yuri: Okay, okay, I'll throw it away!

I ebow Yuri, then fire three shots at him with my revolver, and then stuff him and lock him in the NT rep locker. A civy outside looked at me funny as I walked out, blood trailing behind me, but said nothing. Syndicate assassin is pretty crazy, but I hope the RP made the murders at least somewhat interesting.

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I just remembered one. I was a eng going about my business when I enter eng checkpoint (the small eng room in med maint) on my way back to eng, and there are two guys there over a dead body. Before I can really process what's happening one of them stuns me, one gets my radio the other cuffs me, couldn’t call for help. As soon as I get up I start trying to plead for my life. "Hey guys you don't need to do this, I can walk out pretend nothing happened, I know you guys don't want this." They them start sucking my blood without a word. I continue pleading: "take a little blood but let me go, please, I won’t tell anyone, we can work this out". They keep going in silence until I'm dead. 

After that I keep ghosting them, they start cleaning things up, putting bodies in lockers, etc. One of them turns to the other one and says: “That felt awful." the other one answers: "Yeah, I feel dirty". They them proceed to drag the locker with the bodies to medbay for cloning. 

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On 1/23/2018 at 12:04 AM, EvadableMoxie said:

There was a blob round that was going badly.  I was the AI (as A.N.G.E.L)

At first I tried to help crew escape but then CentComm override me to enforce quarantine. The nuke was armed and everyone was going to die. The Vox Chief engineer (Yakikik-something I think?) came to my satellite and I thought they planned to card me so they could escape to the engineering shuttle. I explained I couldn't allow anyone to leave and they said they didn't plan to leave.  I asked why they wanted access to my core, then, and they responded.

"Is not want to dies alone."

I let them in. We talked for a bit in the minute or before the nuke went off and A.N.G.E.L confessed that they were afraid to die.  The CE admitted they were as well, but were glad they weren't doing it alone.  We said goodbye to eachother as the nuke detonated.

Why did this make me tear up?

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These stories are sweet to read. Mine is way less serious and probably not that funny either, but I had a good laugh at it.

I noticed Krichahka setting up a room southwest of Medbay. It had a counter, a closet, a rack, two or three cannisters - my vox senses tingled. That's a shop. I immediately told them to wait and I ran back to Botany to get some goods to trade with. Apparently, Krichahka was selling O2 and N2 tanks, premium quality. I had no idea what it was, my vox had no idea what it was, but we both knew we had to get one.

I went back to the store, only to see the first customer was already served. Damn, I was slow, there will be surely no discount for me.

  • Kirikachiya says, "Hms"
  • Kirikachiya says, "Hihi"
  • Kirikachiya says, "How much voxygens for..."

I put a rice hat and a monkey cube on the counter.

  • Kirikachiya asks, "Hats and monkeys?"

Krichahka was immediately on their chair.

  • Krichahka asks, "You wanting Premium Quality?"
  • Kirikachiya exclaims, "Yaya!"
  • Krichahka says, "Oh, 500 per caniste-hmmm..."

Oh no. It was a vox that traded with money. Cue short silence. But I was prepared.

  • Kirikachiya says, "If not enoughs, can raisings"

I had one more item in my backpack but I didn't want to play all my cards yet. I was not trading for the first time.

  • Krichahka says, "HMMM... Hat, monkey AND 100 moneys and we is good"
  • Kirikachiya shouts, "HUNDRED MONEYS!"

Undoubtedly, my vox has no idea how much 100 credits worth. That's why she is constantly broke. It was time for the trump card.

  • Kirikachiya asks, "How abouts... shoulder holsters?"

Krichahka got off their chair, shuffled through some items in the back and remained silent. I was sweating nervously. That was my last thing besides my cultivator. And I loved my cultivator, I could scratch my back with it.

But, it seemed, the holster worthed 100 credit.

  • Krichahka says, "Deal."

Or they took pity on me. Either of that.

The premium nitrogen was probably exactly the same as the regular voxygen but it came in a smaller tank.

...and it was labelled as premium voxygen.

I was a happy vox.

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I like to run through hallways screaming for no reason and beat dead bodies and myself with batons

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"Mining Station Gatway" receiving input....processing information....source of the input...."NNS Cyberiad"....three humaniod entities detected....powering Gateway stabilisators....activating Gateway....transfere complete.


There they where, Shina Hoonkins, Klees Hoonkins and Drikikitaki, all three signed up for the duties of a gateway explorer. A dangerous but rewarding job...if you manage to complete your mission that is, which these three where determined to do. 

As they started to make their way through some sort of station silence surrounded announcements about their staff...not a single sound reached their ears while they slowly walked through the well lit hallways and rooms. This seemed to be a full functionating station, that had a Engineering, Mining and even a Science Department....just...the inhabitants of where missing....without a trace.

After a while three explorers even felt comfortable on this least until they heared a message transmitted by Klees radio:

"I-I.....found some miners here....please...come fast..."

Two figures sitting on the oposite sites of a response after beeing spoken too....a thic layer of dust resting on their hardsuits.

As Drikikitaki removes the helmet of one of them, the reason for their behaviour is revealed...a snow white skull is staring at him...the jaw wide open...the pitch black eyeholes inviting him to join the darkness...what horros have this poor souls seen, that made them die while talking at this little cozy table...maybe they'll have the missfortune to find it out...but for now this was the only horror that seemed to be on this station. 

Still disturbed our three friends stepped out of the airlock leading to the darkness outside this station, because as we all knew, NT won't let you back until you fulfilled the terms of your contract, meaning that they have to explore the whole location. Looking left and right, holding onto each other and clenching the flashlights in their hands they started moving throught the darkness...deeper and deeper inside the asteroid...passing stone caves and hallways that where digged by the dissapeared miners long ago.

But what is that....blood?! Indeed it is, leading to a narrow corridor carved out of dark stone. Upon following the blood trail a big hall a nightmarish view open up infront of them....misshapen corpses....some tied sticky and dark weeds....others leaning agaist the stones that are surrounding them....but all of them have one in common. A deep and blood red hole in the middle of their if something bursted out of there....while there where good that the deceased can't scream anymore right?

Imagine seeing something like this for a moment, how would you feel? What would go on inside your head while seeing such horror? I'm sure you would want to leave the place as fast as possible and would try to forget it right? And that's exactly what our explorers wanted to least most of them. While Klees and Shina wanted to leave this place Driki was in a state of shock and said that he needs some time for himself....oh what a bad idea that was...

Replay of the recorded radio logs started:

Drikikitaki: "Waits....what is wills investigates furthers. Might bees somethings interestings!"

Shina Hoonkins: "But please watch out okay Driki?"

Drikikitaki: "No is okies....WAITS.....IS THESES.....NOES! PLEASES NOES STOO-"

Klees Hoonkins: "Driki what happened?!?"

Shina Hoonkins: "Where are you Driki!? Hello! Respond!!!"


But the only response they got was pure...untouched...silence...and such silence is far worse then a death rattle or the scream of a poor souls beeing forcefully pulled out of her life. But silence brings uncertainty and a uneasy feeling inside your heart....the fear of the unknown they call it. Your imagination starts to play tricks on you and your senses get misted with every moment.

Well, this was the conditions of Shina and Klees as they stepped out into the darkness once again, to find the one who might wander under the dead at this point. And as they slowly moved forward and the light of the airlock behind disappeared, Klees ears picked up a animal like noise comming from one ofthe tunnels. Shivering he made the first move towards the noice....the light of his flashlight reflecting on the walls and creating cripled shadow figures...the cracking of stones under his hardsuit...but what is that? It is Driki! it?

Facing the wall Driki was staring at it, the pupils not moving, not even reacting when spoke too...maybe he was in a state of shock? On their way back to the station both of them held his arms, guiding him, even though he didn't seemed to notice that he was moving. No awareness of his surroundings when they brought him inside...not a single word leaving his lips as they buckled him to chair and eye movement as Klees directed a penlight into response and no reaction whatsoever...

But as time passed Driki suddenly stood up and turned around.....without one word of explanation he seemed determined to head back outside...passing the two grim figures sitting in their chair he....started to smile a little. While Klees and Shina where completely clueless about his goal Driki had no trouble finding the graveyard again....choosing a bed formed out of weeds and...lying down on it... resting....

Any attempts to bring him back have failed by this time, but during all that convincing and dragging him back he opened his mouth and started to whisper:

Twinkles twinkles little starssss.....

How I wonders what yousies aressssss....

Up aboves the worlds so highsssss.....

Like a diamonds in the skiessssss......

When the blazings suns is gonessss.....

When theres nothings shines uponsssss....

Twinkles twinkles little starsssss......

And after closing his mouth again he started to slowly taking his eyes out using his screwdriver....

Back on the station Driki received medical treatment but had no explanation for his behaviour....what has he seen out there in the darkness? What has confronted him? What was so horrible that his mind was shattered by it and lead him to act like this....but you know what? Maybe it's even better that we will never know that answer. Maybe... just maybe, some secrets should stay secrets after all.

(Also I listened to this here while playing so it might explain why I started this little horror RP for the others:)



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