My best antag round.

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My best antagonist round so far I was an assistant.

My goal was to kill a station engineer, Clover kit I beleve.

That and steal the warden's sexy red gloves.

I used my crystals to buy a Carp-Fu scroll, an agent ID, and a magic stamp.

I decided to kill Mr. Kit first for his engineering access.

I ment him in the bar and asked him if we wanted to buy me a drink.

Making sure I use ~ At the end of every sentence.

Luckily officer beepsky was after my soon to be victim.

I told him I'd take him to a safe place, and he followed.

I took him up to the engineering room under the old bar and asked if he wanted a kiss.

Using ~ of course.

I then used my Black Widow perk I got back at level 2 to pull him close.

Hands around his neck I gave him a parting gift before I did what I was paid to do.

As he was slowly losing his breath I took the time to take off his headset and turn his suit sensors off.

I then told him word for word "At least you get to die with a cute girl on top of you.~".

I later found out I got six karma that round.

Thanks ghost peoples!

My next target was in the Brig doing his job like a good Warden.

I used my agent ID in Magic stamp to get the warden to talk to me.

After all I was just an assistant turning in Contraband, he could spare a minute or two.

I told him I was new and wanted to learn about the security department, and he was more then happy to show me around.

He even let me process a prisoner or two.

The AI became Rogue, the warden was going to go help fight the AI.

I pulled him aside and asked nicely for his gloves.

Telling him who I was and why i needed them.

He told me no.

I followed him into engineering and as he was about to go into the glass pipe to fight the AI I attacked.

I had asked him to hand them Over, I even used the please word.

It was now or never so I attacked.

He didn't stand a chance.

My first punch knocked him to the floor, and me stomping on his skull kept him down.

I took his gloves and pulled his body to a pod just south of us.

A doctor was waiting there and she saw right through my lies.

She didn't want to fight so I cuffed her to a chair.

Told her that if she tries to uncuff herself I'm going to do the same to her that I did with the warden.

She stayed put.

The Pod launch should I got away scott-free.

Over all it was super fun using people's trust against then.

From saying I was going to help Mr. Kit, to turning in some Contraband to chat with the Warden.

I did feel bad for Mr. Kit since he asked me to stop instead of telling the crew of my actions.

He had more than enough time to alert the crew over his radio but he used his last words to beg me to stop.

For the Warden on the other hand I did use the please word two times.


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Hot damn. Only just found this. I was one of the ghosties that gave you some sweet sweet karma. That first kill was beautiful, although slightly cringy.


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