From syndicate terorrist to "Hero"

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So I started out as a miner, and I found out that the syndicate wanted me to destroy the AI and hijack the shuttle. I thought eh why not I'd give it a shot. Then I heard a voice coming out of my radio headset, it was the HoP. "Henk todays objective is the DNA vault, want a job change so you can help the project?". Some backstory, I never have seen a finished DNA vault before and last shift I tried hard to achieve it but to no avail. So I thought by myself, shall I blow up the station or go for the DNA vault? I went for the latter after some thoughts, I asked AHelped it and bam I was free from the syndicates. Thats how easy it is guys, no excuses about they control you. 

But when I returned from mining my boss the QM quited his job because it was to stressful for him, so I took up his job and some other jobs so we could finish this damn vault. The HoP gave me a job change to DNA valult Overseer, yes it was spelled incorrectly and I wore it with pride. With the promotion came access as well and a HoP headset. That's when Henk started doing multiple jobs at once, first managing cargo bay since it was missing a QM and had no technicians. Then Henk went to roam the station to probe innocent crewmembers and animals. After some time we almost had all samples we needed only some plants were needed. Luckely for us we had one rather competent botanist who was already gathering samples. Then after some plant probing it finally happened, the DNA vault was finished! 

Afterwards the Captain called me and asked me to come to the bridge, Henk came expecting a thank you and that he had to return the headset. Instead he got two medals, one medal (of which I forgot the name) shaped like a heart and then the captain gave me the medal of captaincy. Something I didn't expect at all at the round start. After the ceremony a syndicate xeno researcher killed the captain which was shortly after revived and fully healed by some hivelord remains which I kinda forgot untill that moment. Weird shift but it was a nice and stressful shift. 

So there you have it, from a syndicate terrorist to a "hero" who prods innocent crewmembers and animals in the name of science. Also Gerhard went completely mental that round so that's something as well. Zsi will surely remember. Also a thanks to the HoP that shift, for giving me the chance to finally finish the damn DNA vault.

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