Will the real Bisllltut Makmak please stand up

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Shift starts in research spawn in xenobio instantly start darting out to grab a clipboard

Notice someone who looks strangely similar

Notice they have a similar name

Notice it is an exact copy of me instantly complain to the captain 


Captain Doesn't believe me drag the copy to the bridge 

Captain thinks it is funny but only one can be a scientist pda him fast af he is only able to tell who I am because I have a clipboard 

Other Makmak notices 

Cue chase around the bridge between me security and makmak2 

We both chill in interrogation makmak2 in cuffs 

Security gives us talking pills as we are both mute

Cue insults in a language security can't understand 

They try to split us up force is necessary to do this 

While I am being dragged out 

Insert Makmak3 

Makmak 3 instantly starts telling security to shoot us as we are fakes 

All 3 of us somehow get together out of cuffs in the brig 


Violent fight between all 3 of us starts 

Makmak 2 is dragged off never to be seen again

Security at this point has no clue what is happening makmak2 is idk where and me and makmak3 are insulting each other makmak3 being in a cell me outside by the door 

After 10 minutes of arguing security gets a great idea 

Lets throw em in a room and leave who ever hits first is fake 

Makmak3 nearly beats me to death 

The remainder of the shift is security trying to drag me around the fucked up station into medbay I die on the way but it doesn't matter as once we reach medbay a bomb blows up less than a foot from the guard and my stretcher




Possibly the strangest shift i have played  

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Whenever I see your name; I read "Bullshit" instead of however you'd say that name. Reminds me of an Indian kid that went to my elementary school. No idea how his name was spelled, but it was pronounced "duckshit". He had a really rough time in school. Imagine the poor 1st grade teacher every morning for attendance. "Is Duckshit here? Class, settle down, don't laugh, that's mean". I imagine the same from crew. "Sup Bullshit". Or a head speaking to the HOP "Yeah, can you demote Bullshit?" or being an antag "Bullshit just tore a dudes head off!" "Arrest that clown!" "No, it wasn't a clown, Bullshit is the CE!". I imagine the same conversations from time to time, of Duckshit. I wonder how he is doing. Not like I can spell his name or google him. Thanks for reminding me of that kid.

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For a moment I thought you were going to talk about that round with the changeling that took your stuff yesterday, but this is even more meme 

I wish I'd been there to see it tho (I play S.A.M.)

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Or the round where you turned into a borg and I had to put your brain in a humanized Wolpin. (Dr. G.R.E.Y. here!)

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