A Story about Paperwork

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One night I was sitting watching the Entertainment Monitor, when I heard a voice saying "Come here, my child, follow my voice".

I did what the voice said and followed it into the HoP's office. I was surprised to see a giant stack of paperwork sitting in the middle of my office. I stood there in amazement, wondering what would happen next.

Then, he broke the silence, and asked: "Why haven't you been doing your paperwork, my child?"

I said I didn't like doing paperwork anymore.

He said I was lying and told me to climb inside of him. I said no.

Then he pulled out a gun and said "Get inside of me or I will kill you." I said "OK" and climbed inside of him.

The paperwork is like quicksand, the more you struggle, the quicker you sink. After a while, it consumed me, and I fell into a paperwork void.

I fell for what seemed like hours, and then a white light consumed me and I woke up in the middle of the HoP's Office.

 I was reborn, I was a new man. I stood up and said "Thank you paperwork." He smiled, and floated onto the floor.

From that night, I've been doing paperwork every hour of every day. My friends don't like me anymore because all I talk about is paperwork. But that didn't matter. I don't need them, for I will always have my paperwork.

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