I got the disk and stuff.

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It was just a normal workday on the station. The clown was honking, the mime was talking, and the Hop line was full of people wanting to become gateway explorers. They didn't care that some gal from RnD had busted in and looked it and neither did I. I walked out of the line with a fancy new ID with the words Junk Collected printed on it. Walking around I find a jacket and toss it on, still picking up shoes, boxes, and other what nots that are messy crew left about. It turns out that we needed to build a DNA vault and engineering sure as hell did. They had it built at 12:20 And I was quite impressed. In fact I decided to help them afterwards, DNA thing in hand I hunted down 37 new human samples pushing us well above what we needed. An IPC named Zed came up to me and asked me to handle plants since he was taking care of the animal samples. I kindly accept and spend the next quarter of my shift and botany eating peppers and corn. Plants are done and all we needed is 3 more animal samples so I walked over to RnD to see if they had any slimes in the back. Mid-conversation I was shot and cuffed, my mouth taped closed. I was pulled into a room full of bodies and when teeth entered my neck I knew it was the end. Out off all the people it had killed it decided to spare me, making me one of its servants. I was given a gun and told to keep security out. An army of Mechs Rush the bridge as I wait alone in RnD until out of nowhere the captain runs in. I shoot at him from across the room and he falls to the ground with that familiar electric sound. I switch my guns mode to lethal and end is life before he can even stand. I take his bag off and toss it on my back just as his BlueShield rushes in. I fire and I'm covering my retreat. I wait a moment before rushing him, taking two buckshots to the chest. I quickly do to him what I did the captain. Luckily for me the captain had stuffed some medical supplies in his backpack. That and the NAD and a hand teleporter. The shuttle arrives in a rush up to the  security pod, my master was inside. Dying at his feet I hand him the disk, asking if he was proud of me. He drops it on the floor and asks me what I had done. I stare blankly at him not knowing what I had done was wrong. I lose Consciousness as the pod launches and I later wake up on an operating table.

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