Germ Man

"The Singularity is the superior engine"

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When the engineers are worried about the type of engine the Chief Engineer wishes to build, maybe the CE should listen.
Or maybe she should enforce her rule with an iron fist and build the damn engine anyway.

Jane Doe is one such CE.
If she wants to break the laws of physics by harnessing the power of a black hole, she damn well builds the Singulo. No matter the possible repercussions. After all, what can go wrong? You just have to set up the containment, power down the PA and check on it every now and then.

"But what if something goes wrong?" asks the newly recruited engineer Alexander.
"Nothing will go wrong," she reassured him. "Where's your spirit of adventure? This uncertainty is what engineering is all about."
"We're all gonna die if you don't build the Tesla."
"Hush now," Jane Doe hissed. "The Singularity is the superior engine."
"The Singularity is the superior engine," Poly repeated.
It was this moment of RNG that should have made me wary. But I felt like Poly was endorsing me, rather than tempting Lady Fortune.
Boy, was I wrong.

Who could have known that the AI was malfunctioning and would send the Borgs to the containment field?
Who could have expected that the Singularity would, defying all laws of physics and quantum mechanics, teleport through the station?
Who could have foreseen the singularity cleaving the station in two, straight down the middle, from containment to permabrig, leaving a clean cut as straight as he edge of a razor?



"The Singularity is the superior Engine."

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I was a brig physician that round and just finished cutting all (but three) cameras at the brig. ALL OF THEM. It was tiring as heck.

I went to the warden's office and sighed.

[Security] Naar-Dromn-Viisk says, "Finished cu-utting all the cameras."

The next moment a singulo charged at me with light speed.

I prayed I was just imagining things, thinking we were in a radiation field.

We were not.

That report hahahah.

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