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Name of Event: It's Payday Fellas.

One Sentence Description: Rob stuff


Map Changes: No

Will this work with the standard NSS Cyberiad map. Just remember that anything requiring mapping changes is unlikely to be organized any time soon.

Code Changes: Yes

Will this work with the standard Paracode base. Again, anything requiring coding changes is a long way off.

Suggested Number of Players: 4 vs crew

What type of population level would this be best for? Just remember that paradise rarely drops anything below 30, even when invisible. Events for smaller player numbers may not be possible.


Full Description of Event: Dreamed of being bad ass robber? This event is for you.

New Items : Masks(Maybe) Drills, and termo-drills, Robbery bag, robbery vest, Crime.Net Computer. robbery head set. Robbery gloves. Robbery jammer.

Explainting of items : (Masks : used to start the heist) (Drills : Used to obviously drill something and get trought it, it can be safe, doors, lockers, and more.) (termo-drills : used if need, it's comes up with bag with in it, only can do for one use.) (robbery bag : Uses to grab money) (robbery vest : very powerfull to not die in the first 5 minutes, comes up with magical shield witch can be shot by 10 times and he goes down, and then again goes up with minutes.) ( computer : ghosts can use this to select contracts, witch can made by admins) (robbery head set : usefull to talk with other robbers) (Robbery Gloves : They are blue, no leaving any fingerprints.) (Robbery Jamer : used to deactivied the radio for a 10 minutes )

The (plan) start : You need, 1) 4 robbers and one guy who wil give them directions,(it could be admin)) 2) First of all, explain the plan of how did you broke in, or stealth or loud, in that time is maxium 5 minutes to think of.3) They can either go into space and go quite with space suit. or go from arrivals 4) when they in, they can look around, 5) when you ready, put those clown masks on. 6) do your stuff, and find what you need, 7) grab it and secure it to your, shuttle. You can use robbery bag 8)If civilians find you, tell them to go on ground drop their headsets and cuff them, you don't need to kill civilians, if guard spot you, kil him, and put him in body bag. 8.1)If they sound the alarm, time to get frosty. 9)when you done you can stay for more, or escape 10) ??? 11) profit

The robber's must : Don't kil civilians if they attacked you, you can kil them, don't sound the alarm if is possibile, do their mission, Destroy cameras, if AI spot you, you are gotta need those drills to drill through. Equipment : Suit : robbery suit : Gun : Range gun : melee weapon : body bags : robbery bags : robbery gloves.

The Guard must : Be on guard, Check anything, Spot any suspicious behaviour, Sound the alarm if need. don't die.

The Civlians Must : Civilians can be anyone, If you spot any suspicious behaviour you need to tell it into radio, if robbers do quickly than you, you better obey their orders.

Guy who gives directions must : Provide the robbers with information, watch on them, when they in stealth you need to active the stealth music, when they gone to loud actived loud music, it can be anything, reminder to not kil the civilians. Reminder them when they spotted, and give them plan B if it's possibile. Spawn termo-drill and after that tell robbers to pick that and termo trought something.

The crew wil win if : Robbers are in custody, or robbers are fled and do not obey to do contract.

The Robbers wil win if : They take down the crew silently, or flee with loot and win.

Ending : i know is going to be hard, if i missied something or you need to talk about something to fix here, you may welcome, and yeah is a bit crazy idea, but i can't just resist.

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Fun fact: I already have the masks, load-outs, equipment, names, etc. (No custom equipment.) I've done an event like this before. It didn't turn out quite as well as I wanted it to. Requires everyone playing along (EVERYONE) so they don't just kill the event antags.

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