Why is there so much hate towards Paradise station?

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On ‎5‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 11:32 AM, Benjaminfallout said:

I've seen a lot of awful thing being said about it since I started playing, even being called a fetish server at one point. I'm just confused that in such a tiny community we want to fight and say terrible things about each other.

As I have spent the better half of my 10 years being a internet barbarian with the same tribe that would shout said obscenities, I have a somewhat unique perspective. Most people who I know who set out like Orkz in 40k through cyberspace, are in it for a good trash fire and a long, hard fight. This isn't to say that they don't have legit grievances with you, or vice versa, you probably both do. The difference is they enjoy the fight too. I do not know them per se, and they don't really know me, if you catch my drift, but I know what the old hive mind happens to say and feel the tug myself.

If I were to summarize, the main complaints obviously come from the

  1. Furry Aspect
  2. Some of the Rules and Regulations (far reaching).

Firstly, Paradise did not bother me when I first joined, specifically because ERP is forbidden, and in this regard, I have always felt that it holds more true that the species feel like aliens more than Yiffers. Because of this as well and distinct lack of flaunting a perceived stereotype, but rather, acting relatively normal, this complaint seemed dubious. But I can understand where they come from, as like it or not Furries have a reputation, and all reputations are earned, whether fairly or un-fairly. Paradise, in my opinion, works to dispel that reputation and for this reason I could care less about it in the grander scheme of things.

Secondly, many of the servers rules are far reaching and can construe much into "murderboning" or "griefing", and if there's one thing we barbarians hate, its the fun police interfering in a game. Don't get me wrong, often times we'll deliberately flirt the line or outright do it for a good time. The justification is, "but come on, didn't you see what I accomplished?" and I like the answer personally, because all to often, the wanton destruction is truly a sight worthy of the title "dumpster fire" and results in laughter if recorded for years to come. Likewise, I understand that without rules, SS13, would not be SS13, and thus I believe its a delicate give and take. For a barbarian, this is a tough adjustment, as you are used to answering only to others who you believe you have honorable duties towards, and yourself. I have heard many complaints about the Karma System, but this I attribute solely to the fact that like me starting out, they expect to be rewarded for a different behavior in a different culture. Likewise netcode is brought up but whether there's merit to that or not who knows.

I have pillaged my way across FPS's and RTS's and everything in between and I cherished every second I can remember, but Paradise is actually so chill I'd say it's mellowed me out, and I've come to enjoy the more personal side of the internet again. Something I have not done outside my small inner circle for a decade.

In conclusion, (using me as a personal example) I think if people tried Paradise Station in what I will refer to as, "good faith", they'd find it's actually a pretty chill place, and you guys are pretty cool.

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