Nuke Disc Clown, Medal of Heroism, and the Armored Honk Unit

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Its not everyday I play clown, but when Honks call you answer. GRN-DER took up the mantle of Honkster the Pinkster and began his unlikely journey to heroism.

What followed from a simple request to talk to the Warden about getting to honk around Security escalated when Nukies attacked and Honkers was immediately outfitted in a Blood Red Hardsuit, Complete with Laser Rifle and Riot Shield.


At first I was like


But then I was all

Nukies immediately bombed Security and the Captain was being rushed by an Operative right before me and David (The Wardens) eyes. Thanks to the Warden, a Paramedic and Myself, I had the pleasure of firing the gibbing shot into the Nukie. Sprayed with the guts of our foe, I dragged Captain through the depressurization into the Armory, and after stabilizing him he ordered me to carry and protect the Nuclear Disk. Captain was injected but still critical, however we managed to get him to Security Medical Station and I was now tasked with carrying the fate of the Station on my Honky shoulders. Warden and I quickly became a Unified Armored Honk Unit, running around constantly, shooting Spiders and Traitors with Honking efficiency and deadly speed. Likewise I was also given unprecedented Access and the bad ass title of Combat Clown.


Figure 1: Historical Photo of a Type-2 Armored Honk Unit

From here we cycled around until finally the station was stable, Captain was alive and well, and ultimately I returned the disk back to him per his request. Our mission was complete! Captain however, wanting to celebrate our survival, called us to the front of the bridge for a Medal Ceremony. Here I can say I had the privilege and the honor of receiving The Medal of Exceptional Heroism.




I was simply stunned! This was hands down the highest honor I could have possibly received, and i am still amazed the Captain saw it in Honkers to give him such a esteemed and coveted medal.

It was truly an amazing round, and I am glad my fellow Security members were also honored with esteemed Service Medals and Distinguished Service Crosses.

And thats the quick and dirty on how a shit posting clown became a Nuclear Level Counter Operative.


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I was David, and I admit that round was fucking hilarious. Buzzing around the station on the secway, popping some nukies. ❤️

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