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Fun vs Efficient Character

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I personally play it as a quirk. If I'm doing a task that isn't vital to the station as a whole or otherwise risking a player's removal from a round, I'm chatty those surrounding me will be, goofing off and doing what I can to make things fun even if I know they aren't efficient.

But when B.E.T.A. or Dr Ward is working surgery and someone is dragged before them in crit, fun stops, mask goes on and work gets done till that person is out of the red. And god help you if you're between them and their goal of saving a life or preventing the destruction of the station, many a person has been forced into a locker and pushed aside until things could be taken care of.

People get tunnel vision when they are working on something very serious to them, so its not unrealistic for a character to go from social butterfly to ill tempered feline when things get dicey.

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