Potted Plant Wizard

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I was lone wizard, named self 'Potted Plant'
took noclothes, scrying orb, ethereal jaunt, disintegrate, and blood vial.
teleported to mime office, locker is open, and I dress up.
go to HoP, write on paper that I don't have ID and PDA.

He gives me both with no questions.

I go to front of bridge, dance and stuff for captain.
I point at captain, at me, and at floor next to captain.

"Alright" they let me in.

I gib captain when no one is looking, and leave.
I talk to dchat with scrying orb.
they tell me captain brain is going to be transplanted.
I go to medical, steal brain, gib CMO at perfect moment, no witnesses again.
dchat informs about the HoS arriving on shuttle.
I find him in hallways, alone, gib.
by this time people have caught on, sort of, but not really.
I let out the blood demon.
a sec officer wants me to stop so they can talk to me.
I go to bridge, see Katherine Pixel, CE, she screams and gets away. 
HoP comes in just in time to gib.
blood demon shows, and I get away, dchat says demon is hunting me.

round ends in one last effort to grab katherine, JUST missing her climbing over HoP desk from line, then I get got soon after by sec with ballistics

my plan was to kill all members of command, and announce to the crew that they are free.

>install communism.exe
>play russiananthem.mp3

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