Spaceshank redemption

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>Be Beauregard the grey greytider, also a syndicate agent.

>Have to obtain the red documents held by Desmond Summy and prevent Grin Fandango the clown for leaving the station alive.

>Sounds almost trivial, I think i will make it a bit more interesing

>I decide upon a plan to sleepy pen the clown full of sequential doses of 13 Loko, Porktonium and absinthe.

>I am in the shower filling my smugglers satchel with ingredients for the plan and is just about to cover it with a tile when Kennard Rose opens the door and sees the satchel.

>I take off, get paranoid and decide to get agent ID card under the name Magnum Brzezinski, the civilian

>Shit is going down, the Clown is breaking into the armory and Desmond is impersonating a NT naval officer.

>I decide to sleepypen some officers to get rid of the ketamine and add to the chaos.

>One of the officers wakes up and runs into me outside of the bar, she wants to search me.

>I get captured and sent to perma 45 minutes into the shift, losing my traitor items and my set of blue documents instead receiving a fresh tracking implant in order to keep tabs on me.

>After a little while alone in perma i figure that i am pretty much out of the round and feel pretty salty about getting captured for such a stupid reason, then two people are imprisoned with me,one of them is fellow syndicate agent Desmond Summy, i talk to them for a while and then HoS shows up with the clown.

>The HoS removes Grin Fandango's handcuffs and gives him a telebaton hit for good measure.

>The clown is pissed, he disarms the HoS, telebatons and start cuffing him, what a hero!

>The HoS calls for help, security storms perma and takes the clown away and threatens him with execution.

>I strip my prison clothes and instead clothe myself in a grey jumpsuit, gloves and a leather jacket using the biogenerator.

>Clown is given a second chance and is returned to perma, we immediately start plotting our escape. We are going to breach the basketball court, space our selves with suit sensors on and get recovered by the paramedic and cloned.

>Desmond has resigned himself to imprisonment but wishes us good luck, he tells me he hid the red documents in a labcoat in scichem.

>We start breaking the windows, AI snitches on us, but clown keeps smashing and is quickly taken away not to be seen again.

>The CE is comes into the basketball court and is trying to repair the windows, i disarm him and threaten to beat him with a stool until he backs away and i finally manages to smash the outer window with the stool.

>I spacewalk to solar, i am loaded with warm donk pockets so it takes me quite a while to die.

>Paramedic is busy giving joyrides to a vox, so instead after many agonizing minutes the pod pilot picks me up and dumps my dead body outside of processing.

>An officer that seems oblivious to the fact that i am a known EoC drags my body to the cloner.

>I pop out, but i am too afraid to go into the hallway and i lack equipment and ID so i enter the morgue and tell the coroner a story about how my friend Slith Skaar has gone missing and asks him to check the trays.

>While the coroner is popping the trays i quickly steal a fully loaded tool belt from an unathi suicide victim.

>When Slith is not found the coroner tells me i should try PDAing my friend and this is when i remember that you can use a PDA as your ID if you just need a new name. 

>I asked for a dead guys PDA and receive it, i am now Eave the civilian.

>I hack into scichem and find the labcoat with the documents exactly where Desmond said it would be.

>The shuttle is called and i hide in the back during the ride to CC.


>I realize that the escape attempt i instigated probably got the clown executed

>Every turned out better than expected

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