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Name of Event: Spess Actors

One Sentence Description:

DS comes in but they're actors, not real DS.


Map Changes: No

Code Changes: No

Suggested Number of Players: 50+


Full Description of Event:

CC has decided to shoot the next episode at the Cyberiad! The squad shuttles in and sets up finding zones to recode the next episode. Cue horror as CentCom gives a vague announcement about something coming to the station.

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Whenever I read event suggestions, I would like to ask myself 3 questions as to why they suggested it:

  1. What is the aim of this event?
  2. What impact does OP hope to have on the round w/ this event?
  3. What are the long term goals of the event?

Let's go over each one with your event in mind.

1. What is the aim of this event?

The actors seem like comic relief more than anything, less than needed when there are traitors, changelings, nukies, etc etc going around the station, as the actors would only be another spotlight for the round to handle when there are already antagonists that already fit that bill milling around doing their business. Think of it like this: they go onto the station, couple of guys say "DEATHSQUAD HOLY SHIT" but within five minutes the entire crew knows they're just actors. Then what? Shock value is done. No more punchline. Do they just go home, or..

2. What impact does OP hope to have on the round w/ this event?

More or less the same as above. I take it they're supposed to be memey, and I'm not saying that you CAN'T have memey characters but.. all other ones serve some sort of purpose to why they were created - if not, they're harmless. Cluwnes are to be punished, mice are white noise in the background, too insignificant to have an impact on the round, Ian is a cute mob, however the same as mice, etc etc.. Fake DS can cause a lot of alarm that could potentially divert crew away from the actual antags, and maybe even end up in the actors/crew dead depending on how they act.

3. What are the long term plans of the event?

The actors drop in. They have a little surprise for the crew, "Lolo we're DS but not really lol".. then what? They just sit in the bar getting pats on the back for the rest of the round for being lucky enough to get a special snowflake event role? I can't see any way they could detriment or help the station in their current place as you stated them.

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