The history of how i got left in a closet floating in space

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It was a Yeet normal loveable round and then shit happened the cult n crap it happened simply i was a security unathi guard but i will jump straight how did it happened we got an alert of Cult making his shit in somewhere in cargo i decided to do my part as a uselessec and go arm myself then shit happened i was getting a hardsuit meanwhile i was grabbing a gun a Cultist guy made a hole in the external hull of the armory then i decided to get heroicly stupid and Rush him since i wasnt expecting he had a taser i got tased he grabbed my heat and i got shoot like 20 times then when i was ded the guy grabs me puts me into the closet and then he uses the Kinetic Accelerator to push himself and tries to brake using a floor tile and magboots and then shit happened he stopped pulling me and i was like BYEEEEEEEEEEE! then the guy tried to catch with me i was like 100000000 kilometres from the station and the guy was running out of oxygen chasing the closet with me and my stuff inside it and at the end the guy teleported and i DED floating in a closet in space some people say that that closet still floats still haunts everything that passes by its the haunted spess closet that will eat u

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19 minutes ago, CommanderRiolu said:

also just to remember i semingly suck at talking english since im a natural Spanish talker hope its no trouble


Nah man, its not a problem at all, english is not my native language either. I kinda find this game and community as a way to improve my english. 

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