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Hello Para-citizens. I'm Floyd, a very active TG-coder who has made several contributions to a variety of SS13 codebases over the year, lately I have started to take commisions for specific feature / PR requests for money (to fund my student needs such as vidya and food). You might have not heard of me because I've never been a very active Paradise player, but I do have quite the experience with programming within SS13. Below are some of the big PRs i have worked on:

Besides this, I also have the very talented MrDoomBringer to help with spriting, some of his work can be seen below





Essentialy, if you have any cool code ideas you can bring them up to me on Discord at Qustinnus#8423, or post them here. Prices are usually negiotable (Just tell me what you think you would offer for the PR you're suggesting and I'll see if I do it depending on how hard it is, how much work and if I'd enjoy working on it)

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Floyd is cool and I endorse this message.

Just a disclaimer, before you get too excited - please do message me/heads/maints about stuff before getting too involved (paying cash) etc, as we won't be merging things just 'cause you paid, etc.

All commissions are nothing to do with Paradise, etc. And all that.


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in regards to what neca said; If I think a PR idea is not going to get merged, I'll tell you beforehand before taking it on as a project. (And if I'm not sure, I'll ask maintainers). Also I usually ask people to pay me after the PR has been finished.

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