Crew Record: Serac

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Name: Serac

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Slime People

Blood Type: Water

General Occupational Roles: Mining/Supply, Engineering, Medical, rarely Science and Security (minor training)




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Serac was born under unknown circumstances and moved to the ice colony Vixia-5 around the age of 7. She politely refused to speak of her years before that, and has claimed to have forgotten the vast majority anyhow. While this information may have potential use, it hasn’t been deemed necessary at this time. The planet itself is mostly populated around the equator, with harshly uninhabitable outlands closer to the poles. There is also known to be a large presence of USSP outcasts colonizing it, and Minor NanoTrasen presence has been established there as well, due to the potential of its resources. When subject Serac initially relocated there, she was taken in by a group she describes as “a cross between luddites and the old Earth Eskimos”.


After some time she was properly given up for adoption by said group. She expressed that she never really connected with any of them, and would spend more time wandering the small nearby city on her own. She was quite fond of visiting one place in particular; a small, humble music shop run and owned by an aging man. She spent hours upon hours doodling on the instruments there, trying to figure them out. Some days she’d sit and watch the owner work on instruments in complete silence, almost entranced by it. After some time, the owner adopted Serac and raised her as his own.


She quickly latched onto the guitar and piano, and was given lessons by her father. He also passed down what Luthier knowledge he could to her, spending hours teaching her his crafts. Due to her proclivity to be more mechanical, she was enrolled in a local school that focused on mining and engineering trades. She expressed herself that she was always more hands on, and was fond of watching things come apart and be reassembled. She was always interested in what went on under the hood of things as it were, and got into trouble a few times due to her curiosity. Nonetheless she seems to have been a decent enough student to earn her certificates.

Near the end of her 18th year, her father passed away. He had closed his shop, and left her an old house he used to own. She was aimless for a while, until she discovered some ads for open positions with NanoTrasen a few years later. She was sent to the NSS Cyberiad with initial assignments in Mining and Engineering soon after. More details can be found in other records.


--End data.  




Trade-schooling based around Engineering and Mining from the ages of 8 - 19. Subject displayed obvious natural grasps of medicinal procedures and was granted NT training for practical on-station medicine and surgery.

Trained on and off station in Security by officer Sophia Bloppop (Deceased). Shifts have been granted to the subject if they wish to sign up for them.


Granted minor access to research department work given this subject’s technical proclivities. Options are open if subject wishes to take them.


Employment Records:

Instrument shop clerk, Luthier apprenticeship, studied Mining and basic Engineering trades under a small trade school with hands on experience in the former.


Awarded two medals of Distinguished Conduct for esteemed medical practice, going above and beyond the call.


Awarded a medal of Distinguished Conduct for exceptional engineering work and crewmember rescue.

Security Records:

One account of grand theft, bail paid by a relative and pardoned by Central Command officials.


Allegedly murdered a possible crewmember in cold blood, but insufficient evidence has come forward to prove it.


Unconfirmed questionable ties with the USSP. Deemed to be at present a non issue, but worth noting.


Medical Records:


Minor alcohol abuse has been noted to have taken place during subject's mid-teen years. Testing and analysis shows this was relatively minor and has since ceased to be an issue, though it may be wise to monitor subject's alcohol intake at times.

Personnel Photo (Appearance text):

Other Notes:

She has recently become an avid member of a burgeoning group known as the Bardic Union. They seem to be focused on the spreading of cultures and art through music, though they also tend to be somewhat reclusive. 

Her father was known to have heavy ties with the USSP in the past, and was later cast out. Though a non-issue, the lack of information along with how said relations to other similar individuals on Vixia-5 affected Serac may or may not be concerning, and is worth noting.

Edited by Harkness
Added some fluff I forgot.
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On 1/3/2019 at 6:25 PM, Harkness said:

Allegedly murdered a possible crewmember in cold blood, but insufficient evidence has come forward to prove it.

Remind me to stay on her good side.


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