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I’m new to this station. I stopped playing Space Station 13 awhile ago and am hoping to find a nerd home here.

I really like Star Trek, Some Star Wars, Sci-Fi and synthetic A.I. Characters a lot.

I play as Nero Saurs sometimes (a character I made up for EVE online ages ago).


P. S: Currently looking for a place to write out a description of my A.I. Character’s programs and subroutines (part roleplay part practical) and I have found the doubling spacing of the character forum to be.. inadequete for this. Any suggestions would be helpful.

thanks for reading,


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welcome (you smell btw, 100 times worse than the average bad smell)

You can edit the double spaces out or just post something custom if you're talking about this template: https://nanotrasen.se/forum/topic/1472-template/

If you hold shift and then press enter
it will go right below like this

instead of this


There's also this club: https://nanotrasen.se/forum/clubs/33-the-storyteller-club/

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Hello and thank you for the links and the explanation.

I’m on a smartphone so I’ll try it when I get home. Also, excuse the name—its what happens when you come up with a name at 9 years old and never drop it.

I probably should’ve made my Byond name Rapture as well but alas.. I did not ☹️

Also, follow up question, is it possible to edit your own posts on the forum?

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