Jazz's Guide to Xenobiology

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This is all up for opinion but using these methods I can generally (aside from bad RNG or RnD) get every slime in the game (except for rainbows) in under 35 minutes. And I mean dozens of every slime in the game. Obviously that number is based off no BS happening, like getting distracted murdering somebody.

The Setup

  • Grab 3 glass, a screwdriver, a wrench, a large beaker, and that 1 sheet of plasma from scichem.


  • On your way back or to xenobio, grab a biobag from the closet in the airlock


  • Fill your biobag with exactly one box of monkey cubes and fill the right monitor. Group the two grey's into one cell (preferable the top left) and feed them 4 monkeys. Place the 5th in the chair next to you and strap that strapping young monkey to the chair.


  • Put the plasma you got from scichem and the plasma from the table into the grinder, grind it, eject the beaker and throw it on the ground next to your chair. Grab a syringe from the syringe box and fill the beaker you grabbed from scichem with blood from the monkey. Place this on the table in the top left corner then drop it next to your chair.


The Kill Pit

  • Wrench both the slime processor and fridge at the same time, grab a fire extinguisher, then drag the slime processor so its one tile beneath and to the left of your chair (the right chair), and the fridge so its one tile beneath and to the right of your chair. Wrench both of  them back into place and stand between them. Use the glass you got from scichem in your hands and make directional windows in every direction except for the top. Screw them all in place. Drag the water tank to the left of your monitor. You can now get every slime in the game without unbuckling yourself from the chair, or even exiting the slime management console.


Where's my metal grate?

  • This entire xenobio speed run relies on RnD upgrading the slime processor so you can dupe monkeys. You can't use the kill pit to dupe monkeys if there is a grate in place.

Isn't this dangerous?

  • As long as you don't forget to refill your fire extinguisher, you immediately spray the slime after placing them (have your fire extinguisher selected in your hand as you press the release slime button), you'll probably get latched onto about once every three shifts, which is a huge payoff for this amazing compact kill pit.

Actually Doing Xenobio

I cannot stress enough how much you need to either bug RnD or get the parts yourself for that slime processor upgrade for this all to come together. The default parts yield one core for every one slime, meaning if you plasma inject a grey slime extract and re-process it, you won't get anywhere. The second you get 1 pico manipulator and 1 super matter bin, however, things start to become profitable.

In the meantime though, have four grey slimes breeding for monkey cubes at all times. Any more than this and you end up spending all your cubes on greys and make 0 progress on other varieties. At this point you could probably throw in some more cubes from the second box, but it's not absolutely necessary.

Designate a trash slime cell for garbage slimes. Xenobiology is not useful for the rest of the station except for (arguably) three slimes: light pink, yellow, and bluespace. As @EvadableMoxie pointed out, if the station's goal is DNA vault it is good to get some DNA from gold slime mobs. Any slimes that don' t lead to the golden three go in the trash cell for any other xenobiologist who wants to mess around with whatever they wanna do (I'm excluding gold since being a sentient mob is really just for kicks and nothing useful. Go ahead though when your done, especially since you'll have unlimited monkeys when RnD gives you upgrades).

Life before upgrades really sucks, you need to manage your slimes cost-effectively. This means don't try and breed 5 red slimes pre-upgrades. Always ALWAYS keep your 4 grey slimes well fed for more monkeys. Immediately kill or move all other colored slimes from the greypit so they don't eat the grey slimes' food. Post upgrades management doesn't matter since you'll be swimming in monkeys. When you get upgrades you can just kill off all your greys since your going to be using synthetic breeding rather than the natural way.

How to get Fat Loads of those Strapping Young Primates

RnD finally came through or you barged your way in and printed the parts yourself? Here's how to get stupid amounts of monkeys with the blink of a syringe.

Grab one of your 4 greys and kill them in your kill pit. Turn on the slime processor and place one of the slime cores into your kill pit. Fill your syringe with plasma from your beaker and, with the fire extinguisher in your other hand, quickly inject the core, press x to switch to the extinguisher, and put that slime to sleep. Rinse and repeat until you get a metric garbage load of grey cores, then use your biobag to drop them all at your feet (click on the stack -> use the biobag in hands). Alt-click the ground and one by one inject the cores with blood from the beaker. Leave one left for later monkey gathering, and transfer all of your newfound cubes into the slime console. Your biobag should fill up, so make sure to unload used extracts into the fridge as well as unload cubes into the console. Again, just use the alt-click menu to click on the cubes for quick and ez transfering.

Which Slimes to Breed

Again, if your post upgrades go ahead and waste monkeys on fun slimes, but here the real slimes you wanna breed for: light pink, yellow, and bluespace. Pre-upgrades should only focus on these, and again make sure your only breeding two of the slimes leading up to your target slime otherwise you'll run out of cubes. For example, lets say one my greys conceives an orange slime. I would take the orange out and into its own pen, feed it two monkeys (two monkeys per mutation/child birth), and that let sucker grow. Any further orange slimes would go in that same pen. Any more than two orange slimes and they get put out. If a yellow get's mutated, isolate it and finish the breeding cycle of the oranges (feed pregnant ones one more monkey, put down babies). Give that new slime two more monkeys and rinse and repeat. Use these tactics for the golden three, and throw all other excess slimes in the garbage pit (don't kill them just in case you or somebody else want's to have some fun).

I got all three Slimes, Now What?

If your like me and you don't wanna bother giving mobs sentience, the first light pink you get just slaughter it. If you want to go the other route just breed it so its not lonely and then kill its brother. Inject the core with plasma and hand-give it to RnD for karma. Do the same with yellows, except don't kill the first one. Breed both yellow and bluespace up the wazoo until you get at least 5 yellows and like 10 or more bluespace. Proceed with a mass slaughter and pump the yellow cores with plasma. Hand-give one charged core to RnD, and the rest to robotics. As for the bluespace, take 15 cores and give them all blood. Go upgrade the station bluespace floor tiles, cause why not it's not like you have better things to do. Also inject a few with plasma and take the crystals to RnD (if you really wanna milk that karma hand-give them the crystals). If your like me, you might wanna take 10 of those crystals and go make the quantum pad network. Here's a map of handy tiles that should be bluespace floor tiles:



Also if you didn't already know the shortcut for placing floor tiles is having a crowbar in other hand and clicking the floor tile with the new floor tile.



Please comment suggestions/argue with me!

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The only thing I'd add is the importance of station goals. For the DNA vault, Xenobio should breed gold slimes and inject with blood or water to create a bunch of unique animal DNA samples.  For the BSA, they'll want to make a bunch of bluespace crystals out of bluespace slimes as it might be hard for mining to come up with the 20 needed for the BSA.  It also takes Quad Caps to build both which generally require yellow cores, but as you point out, Xenobio should be making yellow cores anyway.

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