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HRA Shift Report - 5:24 PM - 1/10/2563

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Type of Report: Shift Duty Report

Time of occurrence: 17:24 EST 1/10/2563
Investigating Agent: Human Resources Agent Anderson Smith

Summary of Report:

Acting Command Structure found to be highly incapable of the duties required and resistant to oversight.

Security Force found to be highly incapable of and understaffed for the duties required.

Janitorial Staff found to be highly incapable of the duties required.

Engineering Staff under-staffed for the duties required.

Report Body:
Events listed chronologically:

 HoP [REDACTED] Appointed Acting Captain. HoP [REDACTED] appears resistant to official oversight of her actions as acting captain. Janitorial staff appear unwilling to work, Security lobby and both bridge entries are coated in large quantities of blood for an extended period of time. Bomb explodes in Medbay, Cryos primarily affected; Medbay in general damaged. Non-Detailed Captain [REDACTED] arrives on NSS Cyberiad. Engineering crew-member [REDACTED] appeals directly to captain skipping chain of command requesting evac due to lack of ability to repair station, only damage thus far is aforementioned damage to Medbay. Security appears to have no credible leads on bombing suspect. Captain [REDACTED] calls for evac with no attempted restorative action taken. Captain [REDACTED] advised by HRA to attempt restorative action before abandoning the station; Unheeded. Multiple more bombs destroy significant other parts of the station. Situtation no longer controllable by command staff, evac recommended. Captain [REDACTED] sheltered in arrivals escape pods, preventing early departure despite bomb risk in and around departures. Captain [REDACTED] decided to abandon arrivals pods with less than 1 minute until departure to attempt a now ill-advised early-launch authorization.

Signature: Anderson Smith

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54 minutes ago, Spacemanspark said:
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You, uh... realize the ingame year is 2563, right? 😛



Why, does it look like I don't 😛 (Thanks, I'm just happy I at least put 19 not 18 XD)


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