Aiding and Abetting

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I debated making this another post on Tales from Shitcurity, but this is worth a thread by itself.

I was playing Katlyn Hudson, Head of Personnel.
The round was going OK, except for a Clown breaking into my office once.
Then there was some downtime, and I get a PDA from Ssegorath Esskor, a friend of Katlyn's.

(This is to the best of my recall...)
Esskor: hudson
Katlyn: what's up?
Esskor: i need a solid
Katlyn: come to the line
Esskor: i don't need access
Katlyn: what do you need?
Esskor: i need access
Esskor: can I have all access?
Katlyn: of course not, what do you need All-Access for?
Esskor: what would you give me?
Katlyn: depends on what you ask for when you came to the line
(some delay)
Katlyn: are you coming to the line or not, silly?
Esskor: can't i'm on the run

I didn't respond to that final message. Some time later, I get messages from a different PDA:

(Again, to the best of my recall...)
Curt: i still need that favor
Curt: my other pda got taken

I didn't respond to either of these messages.

Twenty minutes later, security shows up to search and arrest me.
Charges? Aiding and abetting the Changeling Esskor.

Note well:
Esskor had asked me for All-Access via PDA and I said No.
He never came to the Head of Personnel line.
I never saw him in person during the entire round.

I tried explaining my situation; to the arresting officer, to the HoS, to the IAA, and even to the Magistrate.
No dice, I still spent the second half of the round in Perma, and went to the shuttle in cuffs.

The only real solace here? This wasn't targeted shitcurity, I wasn't a special case.
Security was pure shitcurity, through and through, to everybody, for the entire round.
CC vacated a case against Blipblop for an illegal search on Green.
It took another 10 minutes after CC's announcement, and a reminder from the AI that CC orders are not suggestions, for Blipblop to get released.
Catherine Ward was also Perma'd for "aiding and abetting"; for PDA messages to an EoC calling them an idiot.
And these are only the other cases that I know about.
Pretty sure I saw a slime person try to commit suicide in perma; I don't know what his story was.

Don't get me wrong, a false arrest and time in brig/perma isn't necessarily a problem.
The whole falsely accused and later exonerated can make for an interesting role-playing experience.
It can even be satisfying to watch those who falsely arrested you apologize and eat crow for being shitcurity.

But half a round in perma for properly doing my job as Head of Personnel?
Yeah, I need a break from that role for awhile.

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You have to remember anything is valid if the seccie says so.

Whenever they are right or not depends on how eager people are  to lynch you as welll.

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