How to be the fastest person on the station

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Step 1: Start round as chaplain
Step 2: Find a willing sacrifice.
Step 3: Put sacrificed person into the soulshard (That sits around in chaplains locker). It is advised to do this as soon as possible after the murder of the sacrifice (I think there's a time limit for how long after death you can shard someone).
Step 4: Produce shade
Step 5: Have the shade pull you around
Step 6: Enjoy your shade car

You will now be pulled around at shade speed, which is basically the speed of light compared to normal running. Noone will be able to hit you with any tazers/disablers/other type of projectiles.

Me and a shade had a race with a guy who had the genetic power that allows you to leap half a screen and we managed to keep up. (We were maybe even slightly faster)

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I can one up this.

Slime Powered Taxi.
Step 1. Have Xenobiology produce Black Slime Extracts.
Step 2. Find someone willing to behave as a sentient slime.
Step 3. Have Research and Development construct a temperature gun.
Step 4. Set the Temperature to the highest hot setting.
Step 5. Have the sentient slime drag you as you fire them with the Hot Temperature gun.
Step 6. ...help I am going too fast now.

This probaby is faster than old meth speeds, it is absolutely hilarious and silly.

Enjoy slime races.

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1. Be chaplain

2. Get Arrythmic Knife.

3. Run(sometimes) Like on meth pre-nerf hammer.

I know other way, to go faster than game's main controller computes numbers, passing z levels instantly, but I'm not revealing it, nor using it.

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