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Name: Tahtechghzthbis 'Lich' Lichzandtzwichslich

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Vulpkanin

Blood Type: O-

General Occupational Role(s):


Nanotrasen Representative

Head of Personnel




Security Officer








Atmospheric Technician



Believed to be born on Vezzend, little records were submitted to Nanotrasen upon the initial hiring of 'Lich' and his sister Tazkirakatek 'Kira' Lichzandswitchslich. Immigration records confirm that both Lich and his sister left Vezzend at an early age with a large group of other immigrants that were bound for the Sol System. Lich and Kira were noted as being the only individuals on the craft sharing their last names and neither seem to be willing or able to share information regarding their parents or family history. 

Upon arriving in the Sol System, Lich and his sister ultimately went different directions despite their young ages. While records indicate that Kira sought after formal schooling, Lich appeared to develop a certain "Wanderlust" and spent a number of years traveling as a result. Coincidentally, Lich ended up working in a number of jobs at various locations throughout the system while traveling. On paper, Lich's arrival to any particular area generally seemed to herald some sort of disaster that potentially suggested him intentionally causing chaos where-ever he went.


Mr. Changs - Employment: Vendor Technician - Dismissed after a mass insurrection of mal-functioning vendors. EDIT: Exonerated after it was determined that a silent ion storm passed through the areas coincidentally after he had left, causing an AI revolution.

Einstein Engines Inc - Employment: Fuel Technician - Dismissed after a mass FTL compromise resulting in several injuries and millions of dollars of damage to various stations and ships. EDIT: Exonerated after an internal investigation determined the cause was a space rat falling into a fuel mixture and compromising the integrity.

BioTech Solutions - Employment: Augmentation Specialist - Dismissed after an incident only referred to as the 'Wild Hand' incident. EDIT: Exonerated after animal autopsy reports and lab studies determined that multiple power surges caused by a manager plugging in an old toaster were the suspected cause.

Trans - Solar Federation - Employment: Local Level System Bureaucrat - Dismissed after what was described as a 'mass paperwork collection error' occurred. EDIT: Exonerated after multiple eye-witness reports confirming the presence of a still notorious 'Hulk Monkey'. Any information regarding a large, green monkey should be immediately reported to your local Trans-Solar Federation Law Enforcement center.

Nanotrasen - Employment: Detective / Security Officer - Dismissed after <REDACTED>. EDIT: See Trans-Solar Investigation <REDACTED> for further information. All charges dismissed, re-employment offered as compensation.

Following the incident on <REDACTED> , Lich spent a brief stint in jail while awaiting the outcome of the investigation, and potential trial. Due to the outcome of the investigation, no charges were pressed but Lich did not immediately accept the offer to return to the work force. For approximately one standard year, no records exist of Lich as it is assumed he went into a brief period of hiding. When asked, he and his sister both simply state that he required 'time away'.

Lich returned and began obtaining formal education before re-contracting with Nanotrasen, as no other companies were apparently willing to hire him and the court arbitration decision still remained in effect.



  • Formal Medical Education from Sol University.
  • Minor in Business Administration from Sol University.
  • Security Credentials (EXPIRED) from Nanotrasen.
  • Atmospherics and Engineering Certification from BioTech Solutions.

Employment Records:

-Initial Employment Physical: Above-Average.

     - Subject assigned to Security.

     - Subject Reassigned to Detective. Assigned to <REDACTED> Investigation.

     - Subject Dismissed following Incident Number <REDACTED>.

     - Re-Employment mandated by Court Arbitration following outcome of investigation.

-Re-Employment Physical: Minimal Standards Met.

     - Extensive Vocal Cord Damage noted during evaluation.

     - Subject referred to Medical.


Security Records:

See Incident Number: <REDACTED>


Medical Records:

- Referred from Employment Screening.

     - Laryngeal Atrophy noted upon video laryngoscopy.  PT appears to have no difficulty breathing or otherwise maintaining his airway at this time. No esophageal or tracheal abnormalities noted. Extensive damage caused by infrequent exercise of larynx has resulted in the likelihood that the PT will never be able to speak Canilunzt but may be able to speak Galactic Common with appropriate Rehabilitation efforts.

     - Due to a series of unfortunate events and lack of compliance from the PT, efforts to restore the PT's speech have been ineffective. The PT has been noted to be able to speak one-two words at max before the potential for laryngeal trauma becomes significant.


Personnel Photo (Appearance text):

Standing at six foot, one inch; Lich is a snow-white vulp with dark grey hair atop his head and an average build. Lich can usually be seen fussing with his hair in some form or fashion. Due to this, It's not uncommon for his hair to look completely different from one shift to another, or for him to attempt to hide it from view with a hat.  Lich's eyes generally have a 'tired' look to them regardless of the amount of sleep he has.  Lich's face appears to be overtly animated yet has a 'sharp' look due to the anatomy of his muzzle. 

Lich is never seen within a PDA or a stack of papers somewhere on his person and a pen tucked neatly behind an ear. Likely due to not speaking, Lich is very often seen using his hands to speak for him, and is rather animated in their usage. 


Commendations [only to be added by admin]:



Reprimands [only to be added by admin]:


Other Notes:

Common Pronunciation of his name: Tah-Tech-Giz-The-Bis  Lich-Zand-Switch-Slich

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You're one of my favorite Vulps to roleplay with

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Just now, Trubus said:

You're one of my favorite Vulps to roleplay with

From THE Wolf O'freaking Shaw that is an honor.

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16 hours ago, Medi said:

From THE Wolf O'freaking Shaw that is an honor.

You flatter me

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