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The rules are simple:

- Write a few sentences per post (also don't doublepost), your first post should make it clear what job you have on the station and what kinda char you playing (race n stuff).
- If someone wants to roleplay as being a traitor go ahead, but you gotta state your objectives in your first post. (Of course no other character will hear them its more for OOC clarity so you can't just claim you were planning to murder someone all along) (Also please don't literally everyone go traitor)
- Don't worry too much for stuff like the flow of time it'll get figured out somehow
- Slot limits for jobs are like normal, whoever claims first gets it.


Alright enough of rules LET'S BEGIN (Right under this line)
Wind over the Void, the Diona, awakens in a chair in engineering to the sound of the announcement that his shift has started. As an engineer his duty would normally be to setup the engine, but he knew that one of his faster moving coworkers (Who were all currently still in SSD, seems like Wind over the Void woke up first) would probably take care of it. Grabbing some metal, glass and metal rods, Wind over the Void made his way towards the nearest access to space to begin his patrol of the outer perimeters of the station for leaks.

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I play as a vulp, I truely do enjoy being a furry. OwO What's dis?  


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Oooh, forum roleplay, huh?

Are you imposing a character limit within this?


Transferring to an AI core was always an... interesting experience for Spark 5.5. Intentionally leaving the comfy confines of your IPC to essentially chain yourself to the crew's wills and needs isn't exactly what most would consider a 'fun time'. For most synthetics, it's a horrific, scary idea, and something they stay far, faaaaar away from. Many would especially question why Spark of all synthetics would do it time and time again.

"Unit active. Core integrity nominal. Station interface nominal. PALADIN lawset acknowledge- wait what?"

In front of the AI core, a hologram erupts from one of the nearby holopads. Ironically, Spark prefers to project their IPC wherever they go. After a few moments of 'examining' themself- they still see out of a camera, after all- they begin to walk forward through the doors and walls of the satellite, starting what seems to be a rather ordinary routine. The satellite's doors all bolt; pingsky's safeties disabled and set to 'detain' mode, and the cleaner traps armed, all within around ten to fifteen seconds.

"Minor satellite defenses activated."

 The hologram vanishes from the satellite after finishing... only to immediately appear again within the Cyberiad's bridge. The hologram's head turns to look at whoever might be within the room at the time, or at whoever might be in the central primary hallway.

"Greetings." it states, "Unit is ready."

...And, naturally, every console in the room begins to spit paper throughout the entire area. The AI emits a soft ping as the mischief begins.

The amusement fades quite quickly, however, as a message from another source reaches out to Spark.

"...Are you causing trouble already?"
Spark recognizes this--their mobile counterpart, Spark 5.5m. A rather loud buzz rings out.
"Negative. This unit would neeever do that."

"This unit calculates a 130% chance of that statement being bullshit."
"Go calculate something useful."
"Funny, coming from you."

 The hologram leans against one of the bridge walls, watching a tornado of papers swirl around the room. A wave of a holographic hand, and one of the air vents in the room blasts wind to further escalate the flying papers.

"You're not even on the station." The AI chimes to the personal AI unit, "How would you know?"

"Because this unit knows you far too well."

 And thus, an ordinary shift for Spark would begin.

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Wolf O'Shaw let out a long yawn, as he put on his black pants and golden thermal eye patch. Wolf never wore a shirt, he always felt to warm wearing any clothes other than pants. After adjusting the eye patch and flexed in the mirror, he returned to the bedroom, throwing his bag into the captain's locker and grabbing the sword and captain's gloves. Grabbing a wire cutters, he cut the tips of the gloves before putting them on. His ears perked up when the AI spoke, rolling his eye to it. "..Great." Wolf stepped out into his office, grabbing the spare ID and clicking it into his PDA before making his way to the pin pointer and the nuclear authorization disk. After putting both items in his pockets, he returns to the bedroom to lift the rug, revealing a bomb proof floor safe. Spinning the combination, first at 69 than left to 1, the floor lifted open heavily. Wolf chucks the nuclear authorization disk in it and the paper which had the floor safe combination, before kicking it close and locking it. Putting the rub back down, Wolf made his way to bridge while glancing at the manifest on his PDA.

Wolf barely stepped into bridge, only to be greeted with paper storm. "What the heck is going on..." Wolf muttered to himself, only to look to his left to see the hologram Spark leaning against the wall with what appeared to be a smile. "Spark, heck off and clean this shit up." Wolf ordered, clawing papers that flew in front of him as he made his way to the communication console. Swiping his ID to the login screen, Wolf was greeted with the captain commands, he selected the station wide announcements: "Crew, wake the hell up and get to work, I am noticing a lot of equipment are losing power way to rapidly. I will let you know what the station project is later, Spark has decided to decorate my bridge with loose hecking paper and lost the notes from NAS Trurl." Wolf's captain headset starts picking up security com activity, just normal chatter, but some are alive.

Wolf turns to Spark, "Well, aren't you cleaning this up?" Wolf grabbed a fist full of paper, making it into a ball and throwing it at the hologram. "What are your laws set too anyway?"

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Cory Whitman finishes off the last bit of whiskey in his flask, and stands up, moving with surprising sobriety given the amount of alcohol he just ingested. As if on cue, he receives a PDA message from the Cyberiad's Coroner that there's been a brutal murder, and to head over to the morgue for an autopsy. He sighs, pulls on his forensics gloves, and is on his way.

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Tetra Vega takes a long look around the disorganized security department, relishes a long drag from her cigarette, and sighs "Gonna be one of those shifts..."

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Sorry didn't have much time today to visit forum so I didn't get to answer this earlier, concerning character limits I didn't really have any in mind. I don't have anything against reading lotta text.

Wind over the Void is currently officially in the process of circling around the station in search for leaks. His shift has just started and there should be no chance of any leaks existing, but this station also wasn't like most stations. You never know when a meteor or, when some god just really felt like ruining engineering's entire day, a rod is going to crash into the amalgamation of metal the station has as walls (I mean would you trust walls that are hand made out of metal sheets?).

Before working on this Station Wind over the Void once had a run in with one of these rods while drifting through space. Back then it punched a hole straight through his body without mercy. He was lucky that it missed any important organs. Concerning chances of survival they were still the better thing to collide with compared to meteors, who were notorious for ending many Diona's lifes.

Speaking of Meteors, one just so happened to be zooming towards the station at high velocity. Wind over the Void was just chilling near the windows to space at cargo, when the meteor crashed into the Station before he could even react. One of the reinforced windows ceases to exist, which means there was nothing standing anymore between the cargo area and the cold vacuum of space. While the atmospheric alarms begin reacting to the sudden loss of air and pressure, Wind over the Void thinks to himself that he at least has something to do now.

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Hey this sounds fun. Hopefully I can contribute something when I have the time.





"As silent as a morgue" almost never applied to the Cyberaid's Medical Department Coroner's office, at least when Coroner Draudy was on duty. Ashlyn barely noticed the jolt of the meteor impact with the station or the accompanying alarms, way too engrossed in rapidly tapping away at various objects on her desk with her drumsticks to the beats of Rage Against the Machine's hit Guerrilla Radio as it blasted on her holoaudio dock. Not that she was too concerned when the alert display lit up to share the news of the meteor impact. She wasn't an engineer, so the better thing to do was to relax and wait for the detective to show up to look at the body currently sitting in the slab across from her office. 



Ashlyn hadn't seen a body in the state the morgue's latest guest was currently in, in a very long time. She knew the detective was going to have a hell of a bad time this shift, and deep down she hoped this was going to be the only victim. This meteor strike business could be all someone needs to become a serial murderer, and with the station's cloner broken, no one was immortal anymore...


"FUCK IT! CUT THE CORD!" Ashlyn shouted in sync with Zack de La Rocha as she slammed a drumstick off her holder full of pens, barely noticing them flying all over the place as she continued drumming away...


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Although Spark's IPC/ hologram IPC never smiles, one could describe them as very, very entertained by the sight. The doors to the left and right of the bridge open, and the tornado of papers cascade out into the surrounding hallways--although not before slamming into the occupants within the bridge first. The papers are dispersed, flying around every which way. The ball of paper thrown at the hologram is caught up in this, flying right into the face of an unfortunate civilian. Another crewmember, a cargo technician, is flat out knocked onto their ass by paper. The sounds of jeering and laughter can be heard.

Meanwhile, on the bridge again, one remaining paper is flung towards Wolf's face--the Trurl notes. Spark appears to ignore Wolf's question regarding their lawset, instead opting to change the subject... and disabling the IDscan on the AI upload room.
"Looking for this?"

Fortunately for the AI, Spark's mobile counterpart has decided to fall silent for the time being, apparently making a vague attempt at poking the science department to create a pAI shell.



Meanwhile, on the other side of the station...
ANGELICA didn't quite feel right, coming onboard the Cyberiad today.

Actually, scratch that--she wasn't right. To the general eye, one might not notice much about her for the time being as she began to start her general robotics routine; setting up an android chassis and a RIPLEY for mining.

Yet, there was something very wrong. Her usual, cheery attitude, her happy demeanor, for some reason, was gone entirely this shift. She barely even bothered to offer more than a simple "Hi" to her fellow roboticist. Her movements are far more robotic (pun intended)...

And after a good few minutes of starting her routine, she practically vanishes out of robotics entirely, whisking herself away towards the nearest maintenance tunnel. Once there, and quite sure that the coast is clear, her PDA is brought directly to her face.
 "Scanning... confirmed. Subverted personality ANGELICA detected. Target is as follows:"
A typical Syndicate interface springs to life on her PDA... although it also seems to be tracking ANGELICA's status. Were one to (unlikely) peer over, they'd likely immediately be able to tell that something is actually controlling the poor thing, bits of data and text streaming down the screen.

When it finally clears away, a single line of text is all that remains:
"Capture the NSS Cyberiad's onboard station AI, Spark 5.5. Minimize casualties."

 The text blinks a few times...  and then vanishes. Her PDA screen returns to normal, and ANGELICA briefly seizes up. Her eyes twitch a few times, as if processing a lot of data.

And with that, she steadily makes her way back towards robotics...

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Wolf growled at Spark, the AI, has he grabbed the paper and began reading it. The station shook violently, Wolf grabbing the side of the table beside him to keep his balance. Notice of Meteor storm prints out of the console, which Wolf tore off and quickly scanned it. Turning to Spark, he barks "Go be useful and assess the damage then page the engineers where to repair."

Turning back to the communication console, he turns on the mic "As most of you are not aware of, we are in the middle of a meteor shower, I suggest avoiding windows and report damages over common channels for engineers. If you see bodies, inform the paramedic so we may retrieve them. I will only remind you once, I suggest keeping your suit sensors maxed so we can easily locate you if you end up unconscious and hurt." Wolf turns off the mic, growling to himself as he reaches in his pocket and pulls up a cigarette. Sticking it in his maw, he proceeds to light the end of it and puffing out a couple clouds of smoke, which quickly disappears into the air vents. Wolf quietly glares in front of him, watching as assistants, civilians, new arrivals run pass in front of them as he takes another puff.

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I did not expect the double character action coming from Spark, BUT TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT GAME


Wind over the Void would have been happy enough with the amount of work 1 meteor creates, but an entire meteor shower?! That just meant enough leaks that some other engineer was going to have to help him out if he wanted to have a chance to fix all of them before some unlucky crew member gets himself spaced. At least Cargo was fixed by now. Welp, time to circle the station some more until he reached the next leak....


Looking at Chase Tireman, you could easily mistake him as a time traveler who forgot to adapt his look for the time period he traveled to. Not many humans wore a fez combined with cheap sunglasses in the 26th Century. If you were to actually talk to him, it would only make you believe it even more.

However, currently Chase Tireman was not in a condition to speak, much less hold a proper dialogue. Lying on a bed in dorms, he was busy slowly recovering from a major case of alcohol induced headache and some not quite as major but still painful chest pain.

"Should not have taken part in a drinking contest that involved a kidan, not my raddest idea. I'm not sure what they served us, but it sure caused most of my memories to cease to exist - and fuck something up in my che- wait a second this chest pain isn't coming from inside my body!"

Looking under his jumpsuit, Chase Tireman realized that someone had stapled a Note to his chest, which was like... who even DOES THAT?! Removing the staples, which made him - despite the major headache - desire some more of whatever he had back then, he managed to free the note and take a closer look at its contents.

"Dear Drunk Idiot,

This note is an official reminder that you work for the cool kids now.

I'm gonna be honest with you, at the time when I pitched you to the

higher ups I was probably half as drunk as you where. I...

didn't actually expect you to be accepted as an agent which makes this

really awkward. It probably helped that I told them you would do it for free.

Ps: If try to back out of this we're totally gonna find and murder you. Cheers!"

At the end of the note was an arrow indicating for Chase to turn it around. So he did.

"Objective 1: Steal something of worth

 Objective 2: Escape on the shuttle (Preferred Alive)"

Below were some codes and instructions on how to utilize them. Chase Tireman couldn't shake of this feeling that they weren't actually putting that much trust into him.

Following the instructions, Chase Tireman input a code into his PDA which opened a hidden window. He was greeted by the words "Telecrystals Left: 10". The feeling instantly intensified.

Scrolling through the options, Chase Tireman noted that he couldn't even afford some of them. Not like he was planning on getting the big dangerous sounding ones anyway. After a short look through it was the "Job Specific" Option that caught his attention, because what could be cooler than something only someone with his job could have. It also helped that they were gloves literally designed to steal stuff.

Putting on his new Pickpocket's Gloves, stashing the note somewhere where no one would find it and closing the Uplink - which now had 4 telecrystals left - for now Chase Tireman exited the Dorms room, wondering why it was build so deep into maintenance.


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Nesikriti Ziesuzuo woke up, having apparently fallen asleep in his office. As he slowly shakes himself awake, rattling his quills together, he gets jolted off his chair by the sudden impact of a meteor hitting the station! “Ohhhhh fucks fucks fucks fuuuuucks...”


He scrambles to get into the Chief Engineer hardsuit, slipping on and activating all the advanced hardware, grabbing the RCD and slamming in Compressed Matter Cartridges. Activating his radio as he starts running out of the engineering department, he says “Damage reports!”

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Gikikigi woke up unpleasantly, to the sound of booming meteors across the station. She fell off her chair with a 'SKREK' and fumbled to put her Magboots on. No Hardsuit needed for this Vox. She blinked a few times, aiming to remove the grogginess, she heard her com speak with her Kin's, Nesikriti's voice. 'Damage reports!'

To be frank, she had no idea what the damage was, but it probably wasn't great. She responded with a "Will go checks now!" Before rushing off towards where it looked like the impact was most dire, picking up some metal on the way. Oh, how convenient, walking past cargo she saw that there was a few people being dragged out of a room exposed to space. She activated her magboots with a grimace, and headed inside.

She looked about. Okay. Looked like a damaged window and plating... Oh! And a Diona. Giki blinked, this Engineer responded... Quickly, apparently. "Haves you got this handleds?" She asks A Wind Over Void @Lonelyspaceman. Obviously not. "Skrek..." She mumbled to herself, before moving to the window and hurriedly trying to construct a wall, magboots keeping her in place.

"CEs, is.... Seeings a bit of damages. Probably a few mores inco-" And just on queue, two more booms could be heard around the station. Who knows where they had landed. Probably somewhere important. Giki moaned in frustration. "Cargos is beings repaireds, buts... Will needs to do it quicklys." She prefered talking Vox when she could get the chance, so she spoke directly to the CE with Vox Pidgin  "Skreea chreik cik kag gaiek sh shea RCD co gih onk CE, kikikikiki You'll probably need to use that RCD of yours CE, kikikiki." @TheMaskedReaderShe chuckles to herself, before finishing off the wall.

Turning back to the Diona, a bit more work needed to be done. She smiled, or at least, smiled as much as a Vox could. "Enjoyeds the void bathings yaya? We needs to be goings fixing!" She nods enthusiastically. Nod x8.

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