Bring Back Old Genetics, or Make Less RNG

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The thing is that sure it can be strong, but that is from chance... most of the time you don't get anything good till end of round, and even then you're dying from Genetic DMG and Toxin and Burns, the RND just makes it boring....

Genetics is a fun role to play and you have to be willing to focus on it. It can be extremely difficult to play, but this RNG update makes it boring, dull, and just purely random.... I got Xray on 2 different block... the first one it was sharing with Buff, then the 2nd it was sharing with mute... and I got it the 2nd time on a CLEAN!!! SE!!!

This RNG takes away the realism of genetics and makes it so boring that it's unplayable, whenever I go genetics I notice I am the ONLY geneticist that stays in genetics and does the job.... others take off running around the station etc...

PLEASE bring back old genetics or at-least make it less RNG and for the love of all things holy make the Genetic, Toxin, and Burn DMG less unavoidable ...

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