Crew Record: Connor Ficht

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Name: Connor Ficht

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Vulpkanin

Blood Type: O+

General Occupational Role(s): Chemist, Station Engineer, Security

- Connor was born on Dalstadt and enjoyed a relatively normal yet boring life within one of its older sealed cities, taught of the exodus and destruction of Altam. He was fascinated and in awe of those who left the homeworld and sought a new home among the solar system. Idealizing their resolve and tenacity, a feeling of Kelebunzt, or wanderlust, began to grow inside of him. After finishing his primary schooling, Connor soon left his life inside of the sealed city behind, signing a rather lengthy contract that seemed too good to be true with a company he had seen news of every so often. Before the gravity of what he had just signed set in, he was on a one-way ticket to Luna and several weeks of culture shock and corporate grooming. As the years went by, he was enrolled in Luna's academies and left to work in NBS Anansi in Tau Ceti as a probationary requirement before being transferred to his current place of work, the NSS Cyberiad in Epsilon Eridani.

Qualifications: Associate's in Engineering and a B.S. in Chemical Biology.

Employment Records:
- NBS Anansi
2554 -- 2560 - Chemist

- NSS Cyberiad
2561 -- 2562 - Station Engineer
2562 -- Ongoing - Open contract

Security Records: Not found (or filled in yet)

Medical Records: Connor reported that he had undergone noninvasive surgery that altered the curve of his cornea. He said the doctor had used 3D-printed molds to quickly reshape living tissue with no incisions, scarring or recovery time.

Personnel Photo: A starry-eyed, black-furred Vulpkanin with white "hair", blue eyes, and a bushy black and white striped tail.


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