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Discord Integration Suspended

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Changes made:

  1. Joining Discord from within the game now takes you directly to Discord. You no longer need to register a forum account, verify the forum account, then link your forum/discord accounts. None of that is needed anymore. Now, you just join directly.
  2. Joining Discord from the forum no longer requires an activated (ingame linked) forum account.
  3. Changing nickname in Discord is now available to everyone again.


Why these changes?

I did some testing with typical new players, and they found the new system confusing and difficult to use, so I am mostly scrapping it until further notice.

I do want to more closely integrate these things over time - but not at the cost of making it a pain in the ass for players.


What isn't changing?

  • Joining via the forum still gets you to link your forum/discord accounts (that's just how the addon we use for forum/discord integration works)
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