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Let's get the party started with some high quality content so noone's ashamed to post their work!


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WHEW that took me longer than I thought it would, but I made up a little thing.

FEATURED in this chaotic scene (Which I hope can still be seen okay at half size) is: A clown driving the shuttle with the captain's spare with their PAI sidekick, a plasma-man taking off their helmate while a panicked (And slightly misguided) doctor tries to patch them up with burn-patches, a sec officer that has no idea how to make the boots stop stomping, a happy slime assistant stuffing Ian down the disposals, an IPC and borgo hanging out outside while a Vox skreeeees at the fact they forgot those magboots, a disgruntled AI witnessing all the CREW HARM, a danger-redboi lookin' at the shuttle and a few meatie-orbs heading to the station with the others.


Hope you like it...


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