Lich isn't Lucky: How to die in about 15 minutes

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The goal was simple; get in, do some tele-science, have some fun, get out.
NONE of that happened.

Instead, Lich arrived on the shift about half-way through it. Realizing that wasn't going to be any tools waiting for him in science he ran over to the arrivals tool area to see what he could scavenge. The machine in the corner had a few wires and tools on top of it, maybe it did have something left inside? It was worth a look at least, right? Rather then finding out, Lich immediately got zapped to the degree of severe burns.

It took him a few seconds to recover and briefly abandon his quest to slowly walk to medical leaving his pride behind on the floor where it died. Most of the doctors on the shift seemed like they were elsewhere when he showed up The only few doctor that were there didn't seem to even acknowledge him for the longest time, dealing with a few other members of the crew with varying degrees of injury. By the time it was Lich's turn he got quickly treated for his severe burns and sent out the door.

One near death experience wasn't quite enough to call in the towel, not for Lich at least who decided to make the best of the situation and see what tools were actually in Science before attempting brave arrivals once more. Making his way over to Science he approached the door and was immediately floored again as the moment he made contact with the door he was shocked into crit from the sheer burn damage. Once again, Lich was now making his way towards medbay, a lot closer this time which made the slow walk just a tad better. 

During his painful walk, Lich took the time to PDA the AI, asking them to politely unshock the doors so he could get on with his day. So wrapped up in his PDA, Lich failed to notice the janitor who decided that ONE DROP OF BLOOD was far too large of a task for a mere mop- oh no. He had to bust out a cleaning grenade in the middle of the hallway just for that ONE SPOT. Needless to say, Lich was now on the floor, in a ton of pain, and questioning if he should just stay there for now.

Either by willpower or stupidity, he got up and continued to hobble his way to medbay which was thankfully a much faster visit. So fast in fact that one burn patch later was close enough to tide him over, a little lingering burn damage wouldn't be too bad right? It was like, 5% or something, couldn't be an issue... Right?

Lich returned to work, found some tools in Science and was getting started on making a tele-science lab in the experimenter area, something impromptu and lacking in anything more then the bare basics. However, as he was setting up the console he realized that the location was just not going to work for him and he needed probably take apart the computer and build it closer to RnD where he was next to his stock. He didn't have any eye protection when welding down the computer console but how bad could it be? Well, bad enough to make him near blind in one go, alright then.

Screw tele-science! Screw Science in general! Lich threw down the metal and marched his unhappy ass back to Medical with the intention of grabbing occuline and staying put at the bar. Apparently in the brief time he was gone, everyone scraped their knees or had them ripped off entirely since medbay was packed with patients and the rest of the medical staff decided that was the best time to go take that space fishing trip they'd been meaning to go on. Lich realized that unless he helped himself, no one would. 

He had a screwdriver and a wirecutter, you can hack a vending machine with those right?... Right? He went around medical to the back vending machine near virology, trying to keep his hacking attempt on the down lo- First wire Lich cut was the power line and he immediately dropped dead on the floor with his tools beside him... Yeah that took about 15 minutes total...

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He needs Wolf there, Haha. Poor guy 

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What a... shocking turn of events. Sounds like someone hotwired the engine.

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