Scream Station 13: Night of the Maintenance Menace

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Name of Event: Night of the Maintenance Menace

One Sentence Description: Beware that which lurks in the tunnels, for death swiftly comes to those that wander into maintenance.

Map Changes: No

Code Changes: No

Suggested Number of Players:

Any Number

Full Description of Event:

Inspired by the classic slasher films, an evil maniac manages to sneak onto the station and prepares to go on a murderous rampage. About ten minutes into the shift, the station experiences a sudden power failure due to sabotaged. Throughout the event, there will be no way to restore power, or only limit it to fueled generators. At this time, the 'Slasher' will spawn in, with the goal of killing as many people as he can. Bonus points for creative kills such as door crushing, lighting people on fire, or impaling them on meat hooks. The character will be seemingly human, but have an array of powers and gear that make him absolutely terrifying and near invulnerable. He has an extremely high amount of armor and constant regeneration, making him take very little damage. He will be stun proof, so tasers and disablers won't work. He comes armed with a weapon of the admin's choice, preferably a blade of some kind or a chainsaw. Even without his weapon, he'll be dangerous to face with his Close Quarters Combat, meaning disarming him doesn't make him powerless. However, every monster has a weakness. For the Slasher, it could be one of many. He could be weak to electricity, meaning shocked doors and electrified grilles are extremely dangerous to him. He could have no protection to vacuums, so locking him in a room and siphoning it would kill him. It's really up to the admins to decide what the best method to kill him is, but in the end, the crew will need to figure it out for themselves.

The event attempts to take on the tone of horror films, so the Slasher will need to be somewhat overpowered to instill fear into the crew. The lack of power will help by making more of the station accessible through the use of a crowbar, which makes hiding and barricading rooms a viable and encouraged method of survival. Although security will likely be the first ones to take up arms, the rest of the crew will likely be encouraged to get tools and weapons to help them escape or slow down the monster. Even with strong weapons, the Slasher will be nearly impossible to take down without help. All in all, the goal of the event is to make the crew feel like they're in a horror movie.

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