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Patreon Integration Update

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Updates made today to our Patreon integration:

  1. Fixed a bug that was causing people with expired pledges to still get Patreon perks as if they were current patrons.
  2. Patron status now synchs from your forum account to your Discord account, the same way that other roles do. This eliminates the need for Patrons to separately connect their Discord account directly with Patreon. It also prevents situations where the forum thinks someone is a patron, but the Discord doesn't, or vice versa. It also ensures that ex-patrons have their patron tag in Discord removed.
  3. Patrons of the $1-4 tier are no longer counted as patrons anywhere. They don't get the Patreon Supporters group on the forums, the role/tag in Discord, or any ingame perks. This is a strictly token tier which does not grant anything, per the tier description.

To make sure your patron status is correctly updated:

  1. If your forum account needs to be activated (you'll see big red text at the top of the page if this is the case) then activate it.
  2. Link your Patron account to your forum account here
  3. Link your forum and discord accounts here
  4. Your benefits should be synched everywhere (on forums, ingame, and on Discord) within an hour.



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