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Well, I'm back at it again with another event suggestion

Name of Event: Rendezvous on the Cyberiad

One Sentence Description:

After a short chase and perhaps some skirmishing, the command staff and their respective retinues from two opposing vessels have been authorized by CC to use the Cyberiad as a neutral rendezvous point for negotiations, hilarity bureaucracy ensues. 

Map Changes: Possibly, to create methods of transportation for the members of the event, although using the ERT/Syndicate Shuttles would work as well.

Code Changes: No

Suggested Number of Players: 100+

Full Description of Event:

Two factions would meet upon the Cyberiad, the go-to would be SolGov and USSP, although pretty much any two factions from the lore with reasonably hostile relations would work, perhaps something a bit more obscure like a match-up between the Elysium Republic and any of the other minor race-centered factions would be more interesting. My suggested dynamic is perhaps a slightly larger party, 8-10, from the aggressors in the negotiations, and a smaller party, 4-6, from the pursued, yet favored faction in the eyes of Nanotrasen, in order to raise tension, with both parties having at least a 50% composition of guards armed with lethal weaponry to augment their respective command staff.

The range of discussion topics would be pretty vast, and could include wider lore-based ideological issues(probably not), or something more feasible like the return of a fugitive, obtainment of sensitive data or the confiscation of goods and/or a space vessel.

Since simply having some extra armed people on-board isn't really the worst that the Cyberiad has had to face, I suggest augmenting it with some regular mid-round events, possibly throwing a wrench into already tense negotiations with the stranding, kidnapping or killing of the delegations on-board.

The objectives given to the delegations would be the following:

Captain/Command Staff:

  1. [to generally win out on the negotiations, get what their side wants, this is based on why the two factions are fighting, which is ultimately up to the admins and the roleplaying delegations to decide]
  2. Escape on the Escape Shuttle or Return to designated faction's space vessel alive.


  1. Protect the Captain/Command Staff
  2. Escape on the Escape Shuttle or Return to designated faction's space vessel alive.
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