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Name: Silmz-get-here

Age: 30

Race: Unathi

General occupationa role: Quartermaster, chemist

Biography: A unathi born in the voidness of space as a pirate slave. He served the "Ciurma dei Pirati della Pizza, della Pasta e dell'aceto" as a drug producer. He learned with the Pirates the basics of robustness, chemistry and hiding like a coward (this last one was mastered by him). He was "rescued" by the Solgov at the age of 22. After recovering the major wounds contracted during the "rescue" attempt he signed an NT contract. As a unathi slave pirate the Solgov soldiers  shot at him at first sight, but being an harmless, miserable, inferior race saved him and it was, instead of being executed, "sold" to the NT, bureaucratically speaking, his contract is a bit more restrictive thatn the normal ones.

Qualifications: Good knowlege of Space laws and SOP, proficiency with any type of chemicals (went to a night school to have a degree), Master in Xenobiology from a telematic university

Neo-Ruskiya: written: bad - Spoken: Excelent

Sin'unathi: Written: good - Spoken:Excelent

Galactic Common: Written: Excelent - Spoken: Good

Italian: Written: Excellent - Spoken: Good

Other names: Silmz-get-Spaced, Silmz-get-wiz (ths one when he's called as a nerd apprentice from he's collegues of the telematic university), Silmz-get-there, SIlmz-get-Drunk, Silmz-get-Quite, Silmz-get-Harmbatoned. OH AND READ THIS! MY NAME IS SILMZ NOT SLIMZ.

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