Antag Token

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Things to know about Antag Tokens:

  • Antag tokens are given out by admins, at their discretion.
  • You are not entitled to an antag token.
  • Antag tokens are invisible. An admin can tell you that you have one, or not, but you can't see it yourself.
  • If you have an antag token, you can ahelp "I would like to use my antag token to become an X" (where X is "changeling", "traitor" or "vampire") at the start of the round, to become that type of antag.
  • Antag tokens are single-use. Use it once, the token is gone, and cannot be used again. Even if you die 20 seconds after using it. No do-overs!
  • If you get an antag token, the admin who gives it to you will tell you.
  • Antag tokens cannot be used if you are playing a job that is typically mindshielded, like Captain or Security.
  • Antag tokens typically cannot be used to become antag types, like Wizard, that completely dominate the round. If you ask for this, expect to be told no.
  • Admins have discretion over when they allow tokens to be used. If you try to use a token in a round, and the admin says no, its probably because there are too many (or too powerful) antags already in the round. If this happens, the token is NOT used up. You can try using it again in a future round - just not this one.