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Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Fire Extinguisher
Extinguisher Lockers, Fire Closets and in Maintenance. Extinguishing fires, robusting, getting lost in space. A fire extinguisher will spray water across the room to put out fires or change your direction in space. This has multiple uses, from being a staple of space travel to rocketing yourself down a hallway strapped to a wheeled chair, to even its intended purpose of extinguishing fires. Easily the best weapon against slimes.
Miniature Fire Extinguisher
Emergency Toolboxes, Atmospheric Technician Toolbelts. Putting-out burning paper, tickling plasma fires. A fire extinguisher will spray water across the room to put out fires or change your direction in space. Functionally the same as a normal fire extinguisher, but has a smaller capacity and may fit into your pockets and other small storage spaces. Once out of water, fill it up from a water tank.
Emergency Oxygen Tank
Atmospherics As the name suggest, used as an emergency oxygen supply. It's not a question about if you need it, it's a question of when you need it so make sure to keep atleast one with you at all times. Stuff it in your pocket, belt, or suit slot and leave it there, you'll need it. A small oxygen tank that you can wear in your belt slot or in the suit slot of various suits. It is typically kept at approximately 21 kPa with a minimal release setting. Oxygen tanks of all sizes can be refilled by oxygen canisters and are used with a breath mask to set up an internal air supply. You might want to set this to 18 kPa release pressure and can be filled-up to 1013 kPa.
Oxygen Tank
Tank Dispensers, Emergency Lockers, Mining Outpost EVA. Mostly used for hardsuits as it nicely fit in to the suit slot, but is sadly too big for a pocket. Also used for Guide to toxins Don't forget one of these when you grab a hardsuit. An emergency oxygen tank with an extremely heightened capacity. A must for miners who like to stay in space for long times. Can be filled to 1013 kPa and will most likely last you way over an hour.
Plasma Tank
Plasma tank.png
Tank Dispensers. Used for the Singularity Engine and [[Guide to toxins Handle with care. Used by Engineers for radiation collection from the Singularity Engine, by Scientists for bombs, and Assistant


Item Location Purpose Strategy Description
Emergency Storage, Maintenance, Atmospherics, Toxins Lab. Used for holding and transporting gases like Oxygen, Plasma and the like. Place around hallways, wait for Assistants to open them for absolute chaos research purposes. When accessed whilst the canister is empty, it is possible to set it a label and also change it's paint and decals. This allows you to make a canister designed to look fairly terrifying, for example if it's a superheated gas mixture you could use CO2 and Plasma colours combined together to get a rather menacing look to it.
Space Heater
Emergency Storage, Maintenance, Atmospherics. Heating up a cold area, being forgotten. Find a nearby breach and turn it on once it's been repaired. Made by the Space Amish, it can reliably heat up a room to a habitable temperature. Requires a charged energy cell, and their settings can be modified using a screwdriver to open the maintenance panel.
Portable Pump
Locker Room, Atmospherics, Hallway outside the Atmospherics Filling a room with air, sucking the air out of a room. Set the pump direction to out, set the release pressure to maximum, anger everyone because of the air flow. Be sure to connect it to the blue-designated ports outside Atmospherics to fill it up with some delicious air-mix beforehand. Turn it on, and use it to carve the room's atmosphere to your desire.
Portable Scrubber
Locker Room, Atmospherics, Aft Primary Hallway ports. Cleaning the air from Plasma and other unwanted gasses. Also used for empting Plasma tanks and Oxygen tanks. Pull it towards any form of leak that is something other than Nitrogen or Oxygen. Filter all the bad gases out of the air, and be the Atmospheric_Technician
Pipe Dispenser
Atmospherics Making pipes, pumps, filters, vents and about every atmospheric-type pipe you can think about. Secure it to the ground using a wrench, and have it throw-out some pipes. The pipe dispenser can put out several types of pipes and devices used in even the simplest and also most advanced pipe-networks there are on this station. Make everything and anything you can imagine with this thing, the pile of pipes you will inevitably create can simply be slotted right back into the dispenser, even when not secured down yet.