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Nt navy officer.png
Central Command Officer

Superiors: CC Supreme Commander
Difficulty: Insanity Difficulty, Highly Roleplay Based, Not available
Guides: No guides available.
Access: Everywhere
Duties: Supervise stations around the system, especially NSS Cyberiad


Departmental Head

Special Roles
Special Guides
Special Areas
Central Command • Elsewhere

What are CentCom Jobs?

CentCom jobs are RP roles played exclusively by admins.

They are a way for admins to act in the name of CentCom, and guide the round in a direction that will be more fun for players.

They are much like GM-controlled NPCs in an adventure game.

Interaction With The Cyberiad Crew

Central Command Officers always outrank Cyberiad crew members. No exceptions. Even the Captain and Magistrate are subject to their authority.

CC officers have the authority to alter, or waive, Space Law / SOP for the current shift.

There are CC officers of all species, including some species you won't see as normal crew. CC officers prefer to communicate through announcements, faxes, and radio. Some may appear in person, but typically this is only done in order to deal with a serious problem. When they do appear, they do not have to wear a standard CentCom uniform. They always take their job very seriously, and failure to obey their commands can result in the termination of one's contract and life.

Example CentCom Jobs

Appearance Role Typical Duties Typical Quote Beret
Nt navy officer.png
Navy Officer
Standard role that handles most CC work. Some do investigations, others diplomacy, intelligence, internal affairs, etc. This is who the Captain of the Cyberiad reports to. Answering CC faxes & comm messages. Investigating incompetent Captains. "Captain, you have five minutes to fax us and explain why you set the Clown to arrest for honking." Beret black.png or Beret navy.png
Nt specops officer.png
Special Operations Officer
Managing teams sent out by CC. This is who ERT commanders and Deathsquad officers report to. Send, brief and direct ERT/DS. Release (or not) the nuclear codes. Fire the BSA. "Team, we need the NT Rep alive to tell us what happened. The rest, well, they're witnesses." Beret red.png

Undercover Officer
Do undercover missions for CC. Typically assigned to intel-gathering and wet work. Quietly watching the heads of staff. Giving low-level help without being noticed. "I have no idea how Joe MucMutineer died in the next room." None
Nt diplomat.png
Managing relations with aliens and other factions. This is who has to clean up major diplomatic incidents the crew cause. Putting Ambassadors out of a job. Bribing Space Russians with vodka. Politely refusing "gifts" from the SWF. "Syndicate, I am sure the Captain was kidding about wanting nuclear ops!" None
Nt navy captain.png
Navy Captain
A higher-ranking version of the Navy Officer. Classified "That's above your pay grade." Beret white.png


Nanotrasen Central Command (AKA: "CC" or "CentCom") refers to the NAS Trurl, a Nanotrasen Administrative Station in the system of Epsilon Eridani. It handles the management or admin for all stations within the system. It is also the main headquarters of NT's presence in the system, assigning tasks such as station goals to the crews of individual stations. Unlike research stations, such as the Cyberiad, CC is under the direct control of the NT Navy. As the most important starbase in the area, it is heavily defended, and intruders are typically shot on sight. Its defenses include long range BSA (bluespace artillery) cannons, close range combat drones, combat cyborgs, and many heavily armed officers. Unauthorized intruders are typically shot on sight.

Due to their vital role in the chain of command, CentCom staff almost always travel armed, typically with pulse weapons, and special implants that vaporize their body if they are captured or killed. CC staff do not generally appear on the front lines of combat, but they are well trained and prepared for any situation which might put them in danger.

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