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Generic chaplain.png

Access: Chapel, Morgue
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Hold services and funerals, cremate people, counsel the crew.
Guides: No external guides.

Also known as the Counselor, the Chaplain's role is to provide psychological support to the crew who need it. Besides your office, the crematorium and the morgue, you have no access.

It is vital that you use the radio to call people to the Chapel, because otherwise it is less frequented than the Library.


Each chaplain is free to invent the details of their rituals.

  • Funerals: You have a stock of coffins you can use for wakes and space burials (that is, launching them out of the mass driver). Some employees appreciate wakes being held for friends and loved ones. See below.
  • Psychological care: This includes counselling, pharmaceutical remedies (consult the chemist), and confessions. You have a confession booth; you and the confessor enter separate rooms and switch on the radio terminals. Most crew members rarely if ever submit to psychological care of their own initiative; offer to help when someone looks troubled. Prisoners are most often in need of attention.
  • Church Services: Give sermons and sing hymns. Feel free to make these up, just try to keep it relatively sane.
  • Other possible activities: Investiture of new acolytes and paladins, dedication of mechs, gravitational singularities, psychical research and seances, and pilgrimages to various places.


If you decide to go the religious route, the most common NanoTrasen-approved religions (fluffwise) in the year 2556 include:

  • Acolysm; the unifying of many major Earth religions.
  • Technologism; the belief that robots and cyborgs are holy
  • Order of the Great Lady; the belief that the human race was gifted with the knowledge and ambition appropriate by a large, dragon-like alien who we now call Lady Elzra.

However you are free to propagate any present day religions you know of, or even invent one of your own! Just make sure it doesn't go against NanoTrasen and its values, or you may well end up in the brig.


The Mass Driver's primary purpose is for burials-at-space; wooden caskets are provided for this purpose. Caskets function likes lockers; place the body in the casket, give a eulogy (over the radio if no one is present), move the casket into the driver and fire it.

Note that some crew members may seek to use the Mass Driver as a way to exit the station into space. This should generally not be allowed without very good explanation.

The Crematorium is used to turn bodies into ash. Remember to strip the body before cremating it.

Propitiating the Gods

The Pray command is like an adminhelp, but is In-Character, and should be worded deferentially (e.g. "Oh Great and Wise Pelor, please grant your humble servant...). It is advised that you only pray later in the round; the gods have a habit of ignoring early prayers.

Prayers are more likely to be answered if they are somehow thematically appropriate: wishing for an RCD for no apparent reason is unlikely to be fulfilled, but praying for, say, a divine mission or the tools to complete such are more amusing to the gods.

You have candles and crayons in your locker. Candles can be set anywhere and lit (they eventually burn down). Crayons can be used to draw runes (commonly placed in front of the podium), as well as graffiti (not really your style) and letters (allowing you to write out messages across the ground).

Do not expect any prayers to be answered. Gods are fickle beings. Nobody knows what they are going to do next in their great designs.


Your Book

You begin the shift selecting your god, religion name, and holy book appearance. It can also hold a small number of items in it.

Striking someone with it has a chance of either healing or causing brain damage. Try not to do with without good reason. Hitting someone on the head with a book is not considered normal behaviour by any means.

If someone were to fart on it, they'd likely invoke the wrath of whatever deity you worship.

Crusader Armor

A dated suit of plate armor that was previously used as part of a holy crusade. Provides decent armor. Wearing this armor will slightly slow your movement speed.

Null Rod

An odd item that is said to repel the evil magic of Occult Gods. Made entirely out of obsidian, the rod will reveal and dispel runes, and protect the wielder from them. Using on a brainwashed cultist has a chance of reverting them, doing nothing, or hitting them. Use it wisely. It's also a good melee weapon in general, should you come to need it. It's possible to turn it into a different artifact. Simply use it in your hand to transform it.

Chaplain Weapons
Name Description Special Notes

Null Rod

The old classic. Does nothing special, really. 15 damage/hit, disrupts vampire powers on hit, grants wielder immunity to some cult magic, does 25 extra damage and nullification to revenants. All variants below also have these properties, except where noted on the variant.

God Hand

A glowing, fiery, red gift from the gods. You won't drop this one. Does burn damage instead of brute. Undroppable.
Godstaff blue.png

Blue Holy Staff

A blue staff. Doesn't hurt as much as a null rod, but can be used to parry blows in combat. 50% melee block chance.
Godstaff red.png

Red Holy Staff

A red staff. Doesn't hurt as much as a null rod, but can be used to parry blows in combat. 50% melee block chance.

Dark Blade

Spread the glory of the dark gods! A sword capable of blocking hits in combat. 30% melee block chance, sharp.

Sacred Chainsaw Sword

Suffer not a heretic to live. A sword capable of blocking hits in combat. 30% melee block chance, sharp.

Force Weapon

Outfitted with a long-lasting battery. A sword capable of blocking hits in combat. 30% melee block chance, sharp.

Hanzo Steel

Capable of cutting clean through a holy claymore. A sword capable of blocking hits in combat. 30% melee block chance, sharp.

Extradimensional Blade

Once the harbringer of a interdimensional war, now a dormant souvenir. Still sharp though. A sword capable of blocking hits in combat. 30% melee block chance, sharp.

Dark Energy Sword

Woefully ineffective when used on steep terrain. Still sharp though. A sword capable of blocking hits in combat. 30% melee block chance, sharp.

Nautical Energy Sword

Convincing HR that your religion involved piracy was no mean feat. A sword capable of blocking hits in combat. 30% melee block chance, sharp.

Light Energy Sword

If you strike me down, I shall become more robust than you can possibly imagine. A sword capable of blocking hits in combat. 30% melee block chance, sharp.

Monk's Staff

A long, tall staff made of polished wood. Traditionally used in ancient old-Earth martial arts, now used to harass the clown. Can block blows. 40% melee block chance, bulky item, 13 damage/hit.

Holy Claymore

A weapon fit for a crusade! A sword capable of blocking hits in combat. 30% melee block chance, sharp.


Don't. Just....don't. 4.1 damage/hit, belt slot item.

High Frequency Blade

Bad references are the DNA of the soul. Better at penetrating armor, but can't block. 35 armor penetration, bulky, back slot item.
Talking sword.gif

Possessed Blade

When the station falls into chaos, it's nice to have a friend by your side. Yes, this sword talks. Better at penetrating armor, but can't block. 35 armor penetration, bulky, back slot item. Allows a ghost to inhabit the blade, giving you a companion.

Reaper Scythe

Ask not for whom the bell tolls... Better at penetrating armor, but can't block. 35 armor penetration, bulky, back slot item.

Relic War Hammer

No additional functionality to the normal null rod. None

Chainsaw Hand

Good? Bad? You're the guy with the chainsaw hand. Permanently turns your hand into a chainsaw. There are no drawbacks to this. Sharp, undroppable.

Clown Dagger

Used for absolutely hilarious sacrifices. Honk. Sharp.

Holy Whip

What a terrible night to be on Space Station 13. None.

Athiest's Fedora

The brim of the hat is as sharp as your wit. Throwing it at someone would hurt almost as much as disproving the existence of God. 20 damage when thrown.
Arm blade.png

Dark Blessing

Particularly twisted deities grant gifts of dubious value. You can't drop this unless you lose your hand. Undroppable, looks like changeling armblade, gets you suspicious looks from security.

Carp-Sie Plushie

An adorable stuffed toy that resembles the god of all carp. Activate it to recieve the blessing of Carp-Sie and never be attacked by wild carps. 13 damage/hit. Once used, space carp will ignore you. This effect expires if you are cloned.

Arrythmic Knife

They say fear is the true mind killer, but stabbing them in the head works too. Slows you down and speeds you up randomly. Randomly increases/decreases your speed.

Unholy Pitchfork

Holding this makes you look absolutely devilish. Sharp.

Prayer Beads

Using these to pray near someone will have a chance to heal them or disturb their powers if they're a vampire. Can also deconvert cultists. Usable only by Chaplain/ERT. After 15 seconds of using this on a non-moving target, it deconverts cultists, nullifies vampires, and heals 5 brute/oxy/burn/fire. Also steadily nullifies the power of any vampire within 5 tiles of you as long as it is held. This item is extremely powerful when used to aid sec during cult rounds.

Prayer Bread

A staple of worshipers of the Silentfather, this holy mime artifact has an odd effect on clowns. As Prayer Beads, except that when held, it does not progressively nullify the powers of vampires in the area. Instead, it nullifies the power of clowns, silencing them and draining them of color. This ability only works on roundstart clowns.

Holy Salt

A salt shaker with 'holy' salt. using it alerts ghosts. Also makes you salty over that you could have taken something practical. Allows you to call ghosts to you.


The chapel is a relatively secluded part of the station, and odds are the AI won't be keeping an eye on it. You can drag around bodies, as well as both space and cremate bodies without looking suspicious. It's your job, after all. You also have access to a reasonably powerful set of armor that you won't look suspicious wearing, and a good melee weapon that you're allowed to carry.

You've also got easy access to the library- Combined with an emag, this will allow you to print arcane tomes. Whilst not directly useful to you, this can throw off security's attention, and potentially earn yourself a place on the security team if they suspect a cult.

The chaplain also has access to three specialized items restricted to his role. His Grace, a toolbox that grants projectile immunity and gains damage with every kill, the Missionary Starter Kit, which allows the chaplain to temporarily mindslave personnel over a distance, and the voodoo doll that allows you to mess with people from any distance.

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