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Metal.png Metal

List of things you can make with having metal in your hand and opening the list:

Things you can do with it in your hand:

  • Finish wall girders into walls.
  • Repair broken walls.
  • Add armor to turret frames.
  • Refill robotic fabricator, autolathe or protolathe.

Metal r.png Plasteel

Plasteel is an alloy of plasma and metal. Small stacks exist in Engineering, EVA, and Robotics. Shaft Miners have the ability to smelt more.

List of things you can make with having plasteel in your hand and opening the list:

  • Reinforcing and finalizing walls

Glass.png Glass

Glass r.png Reinforced glass

 Use rods on glass

Rods.png Rods

 Use metal and click "2x metal rods" (makes two sets of rods)
  • Grille (By clicking in your hand)
  • Lattice (For floors) (By clicking on the tile)
  • Kebab
  • Reinforcing tables
  • Reinforcing floors
  • Flamethrower
  • Reinforcing glass into reinforced glass. (Have rods in hand while clicking glass sheet)
  • Can be turned back into metal sheets by being hit with a lit Welding Tool

Floor Tiles.png Floor tile

 Use metal and click "4x floor tiles" (makes 4 floor tiles)

Planks.png Wood

Obtainable by cutting Tower cap logs with a hatchet.

  • Wooden Sandals
  • Table parts (2 planks)
  • Wood floor tile (4 with 1 plank)
  • Wooden chair (3 planks)
  • Wooden barricade (5 planks)
  • Wooden door (10 planks)
  • Coffin (5 planks)
  • Bookcase (5 planks)