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This page is a more comprehensive list of all objects that can be interacted with in some way with the syndicate E-Mag(cryptographic sequencer) and the result of using it on them.

Machines and computers

Item Usage
Opens the door, but leaving it unable to close until repaired. Warning: Emagging a bolted airlock will not cause it to open.
Allows you to interact the APC interface without the required ID. But the APC's color will turn into blue.
Air Alarm
Disables the lock and safeties, then touch your ID on it to open the interface. Additionally unlocks the 'flood' setting under 'modes' which shuts off scrubbers and increases vent output without any pressure check.
Arcade Machines/Claw Game
Makes games more harder and dangerous, causing certain events that happen in the arcade game to manifest themselves outside of it in some way. Boss related arcade games will be renamed to 'Outbomb Cuban Pete', The Orion Trail will enable 'Realism Mode' and the Claw Game all flavors upon luck.
Bar Sign
Changes the bar sign outside the bar to a syndicate one.
Camera Monitor
Allows you to access all cameras available at that camera monitor.
Check-In/Out Library Console
Allows you to print out an Arcane Tome.
Communications Console
Allows you to send a message to the Syndicate.
Deployable Barrier
Deployable barrier.png
Stops any ID cards, authorised or not, from being able to toggle the barrier off (and therefore move it). Must be repaired before it can be switched off and moved again. Can be repaired by a single tap from a wrench.
Emergency Shuttle Control Console
Causes the shuttle to launch 10 seconds after being emagged.
Turn on/off locked emitters without the need for a valid ID.
Fax Machine
Realigns transmitters to the Syndicate, allowing anyone to message the Syndicate with a fax.
Fire Alarm
Disables the fire alarm's thermal sensors, stopping it from reacting to a fire. When emagged it will activate the alarm.
Opens the firelock as if it's being pryed open by a crowbar.
Holodeck Control Computer
Unlocks more dangerous simulations. Simulations can also interact the outside world too.
Labour/Mining Shuttle Console
Allows usage of the labour shuttle console, without the use of a Security ID.
Teleporter Control Console
Allows you to teleport to Syndicate Beacons.
Emagging turrets will automatically set their guns to lethal regardless if it's non-lethal or not. This will shoot out anyone who dares to be in the turret's sight.
AI/Cyborg Upload Consoles
Allows the AI or Borgs to switch to your side.
Locked Locker
Similar to emagging an airlock. Allowing someone to open a locked locker without the required ID.
Mass Driver
Launches items/people and other things at a much greater force.
Message Monitoring Console
Encrypts messages.
Unlocks and relocks the Mulebot's controls.
PACMAN Portable Generator
If emagged whilst running it can cause the generator to explode.
Overloads the laser printing mechanism. Causes burn damage to anyone who dares to print their posterior on it.
Pool Controller
Disables the temperature safeguards, allowing for the temperature settings 'frigid' and 'scalding' to become available. Not much useful though.
Secure Safe
Secure safe32.png
Shorts out and unlocks the lock on the safe. Like an airlock, will leave unlocked and be obvious that it has been emagged.
Supply Shuttle Console
Unlocks additional, ‘special’, supplies, listed in the Emergency section. Notably the “ERROR_NULL_ENTRY” (Null Crate) and “Special Ops Supplies” crates. The former contains a random selection of Syndicate items inside a box. The latter contains 5 EMP grenades (inside a box), 3 smoke grenades, 1 incendiary grenade and a sleepy pen.
Vending Machine
Vend items you wouldn't normally have access to because of your job.

Items and objects


Tracking beacon32.png Found in: Wherever the teleporter can ordinarily teleport to.
Strategy: Put the emagged beacon wherever only you want to be able to teleport to and use an emagged teleporter.

Alters the beacon so that only emagged teleporters can lock onto it.

Lazarus Injector

Lazarus Injector
Lazarus.png Found in: Mining reward
Strategy: Use it to combat other people.

The Mob will be hostile to everyone else except you.

Locked Briefcase

Lazarus Injector
Lazarus.png Found in: Mining reward
Strategy: N/A

Opens the briefcase, breaking the locks. Similar to emagging airlocks in some ways.

Security Gas Mask

Security Gas Mask
SecHailer.png Found in: Security storage areas.
Strategy: Annoy the hell out of people.

Changes the robotic phrase to the iconic Beepsky eat shit phrase.

Light replacer

Light replacer
Emaggedlightreplacer.png Found in: Janitor's closet.
Strategy: Spread confusion and mayhem, possibly injure some people. Look for bulbs that are close to the light switch or build your own.

Rigs light bulbs fitted with the device to explode when the light switch is turned on. Renames the device and changes it's appearance so that it will be obvious that it has been emagged.


Megaphone.png Found in: All the head of department offices.
Strategy: Potentially have security suspicious of the one who used the megaphone - but probably not.

Forces the user to say one of several humorous phrases, regardless what they type when using it. Will only work a few times. E.g "FOR THE SYNDICATE!".

Rapid Crate Sender (RCS)

Rapid Crate Sender (RCS)
Rcs.png Found in: Cargo
Strategy: To quickly hide or remove items within crates/closets from the station. Put a GPS device inside so you can find it again later if you need to.

Allows the user to toggle between calibrated and uncalibrated modes. The standard calibrated mode can send crates/closets/lockers to one of three cargo telepads. The uncalibrated mode teleports the same sorts of items to a random location - most likely space.

Robot parts

Robot parts
Robotleg.png Found in: Robotics
Strategy: Unknown

Shorts out the safeties.


Recycler.png Found in: Disposal's Maint
Strategy: Instantly killing people by throwing them into this machine. You can even wrench it and drag death right behind you!

Overrides the safety and allows for the machine to recycle crew members; it instakills anyone unfortunate enough to slide in.

Temperature gun

Temperature gun
Tempgun.png Found in: Printed at the protolathe in R&D.
Strategy: Cause death and destruction. Can only be fired a few times on the highest setting before needing recharging.

Overrides the temperature cap, causing its beam to set people alight if the temperature is set high enough. Description changes to notify the examiner that it has been hacked.

Cyborgs and robots

Cyborgs and robots

Cyborgs and robots
Cyborg.png Found in: Robotics, all over the station.
Strategy: Create an army of cyborgs to do your bidding or robots to greytide the station on your behalf.
Allows the user to enslave a cyborg by emagging open its cover lock. You then need to screwdriver it open and emag it again to override its laws, making you its master. Cyborgs and robots will also gain additional items and functions when emagged, depending on their type.


    Standard – an energy sword.
    Medical – 250 units of a fluorosulphuric acid (polyacid) spray.
    Engineering – a stun.
    Security – an energy laser gun.
    Janitorial – 250 units of space lube spray.
    Service – can dispense ‘Mickey Finn's Special Brew’.
    Mining – a stun.


    Maintenance drone – a diamond drill.
    Cleaning bot – will wet floors randomly and spawn cleaning foam, slipping people over.
    Floorbot – will tear up floors, causing breaches to space.
    Medbot – will inject people with harmful or annoying chemicals.
    E-N – will shoot laser beams out of their eyes for a minute or less then explode.
    Beepsky/Securatron – will unlock its controls. Allowing it to arrest anyone on its way.
    ED-209 – fires lasers at anyone unfortunate enough to get in its way. If in melee range, stuns and cuffs your target.


Ripley APLU
Ripley.png Found in: The mining outpost, or parked in the mech garage.
Strategy: Make yourself an armed mech that few people would suspect of being armed. Beware, though, as everyone examining it sees that something is wrong.

Allows you to add military weapons to a Ripley. It will also display the message 'The mech's equipment slots spark dangerously!' in bold, red text to anyone that examines the Ripley, so don't count on stealth too much.