Epsilon Eridani

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Epsilon Eridani is a system, approximately 10.5 light-years from Sol, with an orange star at it's center. Two planets are present: a rocky ball named Ligures, and a small but super-dense gas giant Umbri, orbit the orange sun. Ligures has little atmosphere, and is currently being terraformed by colonists. Umbri is mined for supermatter. The system also contains numerous asteroid belts, with a high abundance of plasma.

The system and the surrounding sector of space is not claimed as the territory of any government, but is dominated by Nanotrasen. NT maintains a shoot-on-sight policy for any warship entering without authorization.

Nanotrasen's Local Holdings


  • NSS Cyberiad: The station you're on. NT's largest station, it is a central hub for plasma mining and distribution, research and development, and is currently being expanded for diplomatic and trade purposes.
  • NAS Trurl: The official name of the base known generally as "CentComm", the NAS Trurl holds the admin offices for Nanotrasen in the system. It also is the main system defence base, coordinating the fleet, ERT, and BSA fire.
  • NXS Klapaucius: The official name for the telecommunications satellite, generally called "Tcomms".
  • NDS Inferno: Nanotrasen defence station, dedicated to monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic through the system.


  • NCV Scylla: The Flagship of the defense fleet. A carrier-class vessel.
  • NDV Euryale: A battleship class vessel, with a large blue space artillery array.
  • NDV Stheno: A fast, destroyer class strike vessel, with powerful but short range plasma weaponry.
  • NDV Medusa: A cruiser class vessel, with a large variety of missiles and torpedos.
  • NTV Arion: The cargo transport shuttle.
  • NTV Charon: The NSS Cyberiad Evacuation shuttle.
  • NSV Icarus: A research vessel experimenting in combat drones. Also possesses high-end scanning arrays for plasma detection and long-range scans of anomalous energies.