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Access: Medbay, Morgue, Genetics
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer, Research Director
Duties: Clone people, play with DNA, find powers.
Guides: Guide to Genetics, Guide to Medicine, Clone Memory Disorder, Guide to Cadavers

As a Geneticist you'll be playing around with the fundamentals of life. This is a very technical class, but there are a few simple things people can do that are still learning the ins and out of genetics. The main things you're meant to do: find hidden powers, fix disabilities, and clone people.

Required Knowledge

For Standard Operating Procedure for this role and other science roles, please see Standard Operating Procedure (Science). As a General Rule of Thumb, you should always ask the RD and/or Security before giving powerful mutations, such as Hulk, Matter Eater and No Prints. Not doing so might result in you getting arrested, or even job banned!


Cloning is one of the main aspects of your job. Bringing people back from the dead is a delicate science, so read on. This aspect of genetics is firmly in the Chief Medical Officer's jurisdiction, and he has the final say on what happens here, rather than the Research Director.

You can clone people from scans made while they are alive and well (which is preferred), or from a corpse (which happens more often than not). Feel free to call people to get their backups made, especially for Heads of Staff.

For more information regarding clones, see the Guide to Cadavers

Playing with Genes

Playing around with DNA has its advantage. Check the Guide to Genetics for a more detailed list of what powers are and how to get them. You should always listen to the Research Director for this aspect. Please Keep in Mind that irradiating yourself will slowly make you accumulate Toxin Damage, which might result in your death.

Standard Operating Procedures

Cloning is to take precedence over genetic experimentation.

Corpses are not to be placed in disposals.

Genetic modifications may only be handed out with CMO authorization. Consent from the patient is to be given in all cases. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate dismissal, and possible brig time.

UI Changes are to be recorded and a copy sent to the HoP, so the crew manifest may reflect new identities. Unrecorded modifications to identity may be grounds for dismissal.

As a Traitor

As a traitor, you are pretty much able to do anything you want in your lab. After sticking about for a few moments, any security forces usually vanish from the room of medium priority targets, like the RD or CE. At this time, you can then loot their items and access, or even their appearance! You can easily replace people, just be sure to get rid of the original and wear the right clothes!

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