Guide to Cadavers

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=A Guide to Cadavers=

So you're interested in the land of the dead, are you? Lucky for you, it's not just the Coroner who gets to deal with dead bodies!

This guide will cover everything handled when it comes to dead bodies, from cloning to autopsies.

Standard Procedure

First and foremost, remember that dead people are players too, try not to dawdle and get them cloned as soon as possible. Cloning should always be attempted first, never borg an unwilling or unwitting patient as this is akin to murder, and most players aren't going to be terribly happy that you've stripped away their ability to play how they choose by binding them to the AI. Follow the rules of triage in the Guide to Medical, as soon as you have time any and all dead bodies should be immediately dealt with and either processed for cloning, or brought to the morgue.


As a medical doctor, cloning is inevitably going to be one of the main aspects of your job. Bringing people back from the dead is arguably one of the more important functions of the medbay, and it's important that one is well-versed in the particulars of cloning.

Scanning requires a dead or live human body with its brain still in place - keep in mind that monkeys, decapitated corpses, skeletons or husked corpses are not able to be scanned under normal circumstances.

  • Defrib.gif First off, it may be worth it to try defibring the patient first.
  • Cryogenic2.png Failing that, place the person in the cloning scanner.
  • Cloning console.gif Use the scanning console, and click "Scan".

Upon scanning the cadaver you will receive on of the following messages.

Subject successfully scanned! - The body has been successfully scanned and is ready for cloning.

Error: Mental interface failure. - The body is unable to be cloned, either due to the state of the cadaver or because the player is not in their body.

Error: No signs of intelligence detected. - The body belongs to a monkey, or a similar mob.

Error: Unable to locate valid genetic data. - The body is a member of an uncloneable species, or is missing it's brain.

Error: Subject's brain is not responding to scanning stimuli. - The body has already been cloned, or is a victim of suicide.


Once the person has been successfully scanned in, you can start the cloning process, a single clone costs 150 biomass. If the cloning tube has no biomass you can create some more by mixing blood with Cryoxadone.

  • Hit View Records on the cloning console, followed by the name of the person you're cloning.
  • Hit "Clone", and the process will begin!
  • Cloning takes approximately two minutes to complete.

Notes About Cloning

  • All clones will have 60 genetic damage by default, this can be fixed by placing them in cryo.
  • All clones will suffer from severe brain damage by default, and will require Mannitol.
  • Some clones may suffer from genetic disabilities and will require Mutadone.
  • Some players when cloned will optionally choose to suffer from Clone Memory Disorder.
  • Clones can be ejected early by toggling APC power, or by using an ID on the cloning tube.
  • You can only manually eject a clone using an ID when they're over 60% cloned, or more.
  • Ejected clones will require longer time in cryo.

Once a body has been cloned, or deemed uncloneable it should be placed in a body bag and put in a morgue tray.

Advanced & Race Specific Cloning

Some species require special considerations when brought in for cloning. Plasmamen for instance will burst into flames before cloning is finished, and Vox and Slime People will simply be rejected by the cloning scanner.

Plasmamen PlasmamanM.png

  • Make sure you have their suit and plasmatank ready!
  • Have a fire extinguisher, and a defibrillator handy.
  • Once they start cloning they'll quickly burn to death, let them die.
  • Eject them from the cloner, extinguish the body and then apply a defibrillator.
  • You may need to apply synthflesh, or silver sulfidiazine prior to defibrillation.
  • Stick them in a cryotube afterwards.

Vox & Slime People VoxMSmall.png SlimeMSmall.png

  • Get a humanized monkey from genetics.
  • Make sure to scan the dead body's UE in genetics and save it. (Optional)
  • Have a surgeon transplant the dead body's brain into the human-monkey's body.
  • Defib the newly transplanted body.
  • Transfer the UE of the old body to the new one. (Optional)

Advanced Cloning

Some bodies will require special attention if they have been husked, or turned into a skeleton. If a body has been husked by a changeling or skeletonized, are unscannable, and the morgue lights show up as purple or green please abide by the following procedure.

  • Get genetics to make a humanized monkey.
  • Using a circular saw, target the head area with HELP intent.
  • Saw of the humanized monkey's head, and the cadaver's head.
  • Put the skeleton's or husked body's head on the humanized monkey.
  • The body should now be able to be scanned in, follow basic cloning procedure.

Morgue Lights and YOU!

Once the body has been cloned - or simply couldn't be scanned in - take it to the morgue and pay attention to the lights.

The lights on the morgue trays will display different colours, depending on the state of the body.

Color Sprite Meaning
Gray Morgue1.png There is nothing inside the tray.
Red Morgue2.png The body is permenantly unclonable. (i.e: Player left server, Player already cloned, Player rejoined as NPC .ect)
Green Morgue3.png The body has a spirit inside of it, and is revivable.
Orange Morgue4.png There is something inside the tray, but it's not a body.
Purple Morgue5.png Either the body has a spirit but it isn't in the body, or it's uncloneable due to being a skeleton, or husked.

Performing Autopsies

Every body that enters the morgue should be autopsied at one point or another, and it is the sole responsibility of either the Chief Medical Officer or Coroner to ensure all bodies have an autopsy performed.

Autopsy Surgery

  • Sterilemask.png Make sure you're wearing a sterile mask so you don't turn the morgue into a vomitorium.
  • Surgery.png Place the cadaver onto the operating table.
  • Healthanalyzer.png Scan the cadaver with a Health Analyer to find the locations of any injuries.
  • Damage zone.png Aim for the affected areas in the Damage Zone.
  • Autopsy scanner.png Use the autopsy scanner to scan all affected areas.

Autopsy Reports

Right clicking on the Autopsy Scanner will let you print out an autopsy report. Review the report and optionally attach a picture of the body using your camera, if anything suspicious shows up on the report you should alert the detective or security.

Every report that the autopsy scanner generates will include specific information about the cadaver.

  • The time of death.
  • Any injuries sustained, as well as their cause.
  • A toxicology report, stating what reagents the cadaver had in it.

You are also free to write in some extra details on the autopsy report, such as...

  • What cause of death is if not already listed.
  • Who the person was that preformed the autopsy.
  • If the body was cloned or borged.
  • Who brought in the cadaver.
  • Your signature.

After completing your notes make a copy of the report using a photocopier, file one in the morgue's autopsy reports cabinet and deliver the other to security if there's anything suspicious on the report.

Causes of Death

Oftentimes cause of death is not clear from the autopsy report. These require a little more digging and investigation to find out the truth, and experience as a Medical Doctor will help out greatly.


The cadaver has had its head removed before other injuries could cause death.

  • Health scans reveal damages on the cadaver do not add up to 200 or over.
  • There is no head.
  • Autopsy Scanner reveals that you cannot scan that spot.


The cadaver has had its brain removed while they were still alive.

  • Visual examination states that they have no brain.
  • Skull has already been cut into during an autopsy attempt.

Burst Appendix

The appendix has burst within the body, causes sepsis and eventually death. Often by choking on one's own vomit.

  • Toxin damage with no toxins showing up in system.
  • Minor brute damage to the groin region.
  • Heavy suffocation damage.
  • Body was located buried in vomit.


The cadaver had bitten off their own tongue, overflow of blood would have entered their lungs, causing drowning in their own fluids.

  • Visual examination states that the individual has killed themselves.
  • Severe suffocation damage.

Bleeding Out

The cadaver had gone into shock and passed away due to heavy blood loss from either internal or external wounds.

  • Body appears pale.
  • A Health Analyzer scan shows that their blood has fallen to dangerously low levels.
  • A Health Analyzer scan reveals that their blood percentage is low.
  • Suffocation damage.
  • Placing the body within the Body Scanner will show locations of internal bleeders.


Anything resulting in death caused by a doctor attempting to treat the patient is considered to be malpractice. Some of these are not great enough to cause death on it's own, but can play in as contributing factors.

Surgery Mishaps

Mistakes caused by a surgeon. Any tool mishaps will show up on the autopsy report, however performing surgery in an non-sterile environment will cause the surgery location to become infected with sepsis.

  • Infection shows up on a Health Analyzer Scan.
  • Cadaver had undergone surgery before death.

Blood Rejection

Individual was given an incompatible blood type that their body proceeded to reject.

  • Toxin damage with no clear source.
  • Suffocation with no clear source.
  • Cadaver had received a blood transfusion before death.

Improper Transport

Individual was not transported properly during medical treatment, which resulted in further injury.

  • Does not show up on any scans.
  • Low percentage of blood.
  • Best indicator is large trails of blood where the cadaver had previously been.

Medication Overdose

Someone had given the patient to much of a healing medication, which resulted in overdose.

  • Heavy toxin damage.
  • Toxin report shows no harmful chemicals in the system.
  • Using an Advanced Mass Spectrometer will show amounts of chemicals in the blood stream.