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"Assistant (As Captain) robusted the Captain with a mechanical toolbox!"

Also known as Robust/Robusting, jargon for engaging in the combat system. It's an ironic description. The SS13 Combat System is pretty quirky and limiting.


You intent specifies what you want to do when you click on another player/mob. You can switch between these by click on the segments of HelpIntent.png on your HUD or by using CTRL+Q or CTRL+E.

  • HelpIntent.png Help - The help intent is the default intent. You'll shake people or yourself awake if you have no items, or perform CPR on them if they're suffocating and both have no helmets or masks on. You'll still hit people with most items if you're holding one though. You also pass through other people when moving through them. Shortcut for Help intent is 1 on Hotkey mode.
  • DisarmIntent.png Disarm - A defensive intent. You'll attempt to disarm someone of their weapon or push them over for a very short while. This has a chance of failing, so repeated clicking may be necessary. People cannot run past you with this intent. Shortcut for Disarm intent is 2 on Hotkey mode.
  • GrabIntent.png Grab - You'll grab someone passively at first, as shown by InitialGrab.png. Moving will be slowed if you try to drag them around, so for transport, pulling is much faster. Clicking on them again will grab them aggressively, shown by Reinforced.png. This will allow you to put them on a table to make them lie down, it will also allow you to throw people around. After a short cool down, clicking again will grab them by the neck. After yet another cooldown, you can then click on the Kill.png kill icon on your HUD once to start strangling them. The icon will start flashing, indicating you have started to strangle them. People whilst being strangled are fairly defenceless, so without outside intervention there's not much they can do. People cannot run past you with this intent. You can let go of someone at any time by using the Drop.png drop button. Shortcut for Grab intent is 3 on Hotkey mode.
  • HarmIntent.png Harm - This intent does NOT make you do more damage with melee weapons. If you have a baton (Ie, stun baton, telescoptic baton) however, you'll beat your target and stun them. With an empty hand you'll punch people for around 5 brute damage, and have a small chance to weaken people, which will stun them for quite a while. You'll also fire your weapons at point-blank, dealing much more damage. People cannot run past you with this intent. Shortcut for Harm intent is 4 on Hotkey mode.

Melee vs Ranged

  • Throwing some items to the target will deal damage, but you need to pick up the weapon once you've thrown it. Some weapons will also stick to the target.
  • Other ranged weapons such as firearms have a slight chance to miss, but you can fire at at a range in which melee users can't attack. But certain items and abilities can block or even deflect the projectile that is fired from a firearm.

Ranged - Energy vs Ballistic

  • There are two kinds of firearms in this game, Energy weapons (Such as Laser Guns) that can deal Burn damage and Ballistic weapons (Such as the Riot Shotgun) that can deal brute damage. Choose the weapon needed for the current situation.
  • Unlike Ballistic weapons, Energy weapons can penetrate through glass, making it effective against targets taking cover on glass.
  • But most Energy weapons require a charger to charge the weapon's internal cell, which is not flexible at some situations. Some energy weapons have an internal self-recharging cell, allowing its cell to recharge after some time.
  • Ballistic weapons on the other hand can be reloaded by inserting its respective clip/shell to the weapon, which is easy to perform and fast to reload, but they have different reloading styles.

Combat Tips


  • Aim for the head. Knock outs when aiming for the head last longer.
  • If they have a helmet, aim for the chest. If they have body armor too, aim for the legs or arms.
  • Click repeatedly.
  • Any object is usually better than your fists. Fire extinguishers especially.
  • Screwdrivers and forks have a special blinding attack when aiming for the eyes, but it doesn't work if their face is covered.
  • Harm intent is probably your best bet, however making an opening move with disarm to get you a few seconds of free attacks will make the difference in an even matchup, and potentially end the combat early if you brought a strong weapon.


  • Run away.
  • If they're too close, disarm, then run away.
  • If you can't run, aim for the head to get a knock out and then run away.
  • If they give chase, throw objects at them. Some objects, such as metal rods or floor tiles do extra damage when thrown.
  • Stun them, or otherwise attempt to disable them.
  • While running, click doors that you can open to try to trick them, making them think you ran a different way.
  • Hiding in lockers sometimes works. If they fell for the point above, just find a locker in a corner and most people miss it.
  • Wear armor that is weak to the opponent's weapon. If they're using a gun, wear a bulletproof vest.


  • If you have a legitimate reason too, use narcotics beforehand. It increases your movement speed considerably.
  • Eating foods increases movement speed too, but only when your hunger status is on 'Full'.
  • If you have somebody who's in a critical condition, use the autoinjector inside your box inside your bag and inject it at them. Fix them if possible.

Expect to be the one to die.