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Research & Development

Unique to the /tg/ code is research and development. This basically consists of a scientist shoving everything he can find into a destructive analyzer, where it is disintegrated, its workings analyzed, and the connected computer tries to integrate the technology with other known workings at the highest efficiencies it can. Essentially this means that a scientist in this modern world doesn't actually have to know any of the concepts he's working with; it's all about melting things down and playing with the resulting toys! Ain't life grand?


Deconstruction is easy. Simply stick items into the Destructive Analyzer and turn it on. Remember, you'll only advance one level at a time per item, and only if the tech level is equal or greater than your current research level. It is possible to eject items from the deconstructive analyzer if, say, security notices their missing laser guns. As always, experiment! Some technology on the station is just so basic that the analyzer won't even bother with it, but things like bruise packs, flashbangs, and some of the odds and ends in your very lab will all work.

An important side note: The requirements to produce an item in the Protolathe or other machinery, and what those items give in terms of research from the Destructive Analyzer can be different. That is to say a Super-Capacity Power Cell requires Research levels of at least 2 in Materials and 3 in Power. Although when put in the Destructive Analyzer it returns 5 Power Research. So be careful about the differences in requirements and what the item gives in terms of research.

Also a free tip. Most items require a certain level in Materials Research, even though they won't return any Materials research data when deconstructed in the Destructive Analyzer.

Here is a helpful RnD tool for simulating items you deconstruct. The filter button will filter for items that will only improve the selected tech level.


This is how you create the advanced technologies you (read: the computers) have discovered by increasing tech trees. You will have nothing too exciting at first, but soon you will get increasingly more esoteric devices as you advance the various fields of research. Higher research levels produce items that malfunction once in a while, but putting your broken toys back in the analyzer will allow the computer to see what went wrong and fix the problem. With every broken device, a more efficient device is just around the corner. For a list of items that can be unlocked and their requirements see Research items Here is also another guide to research

Circuit Imprinter

This industrial printer requires glass, sulfuric acid, and occasionally gold and diamond. Each board requires different levels of data theory and materials research, and some require specific field advancement, such as biological or blue-space. With gold, you can make AI law modules, or AI related circuit boards. Machine boards can also be built in the Circuit Constructor, including mech suits and power generators.

Server Saving

Make sure to head into setting and sync with database periodically. This will update the server on the station, making a back-up. The Research Director can access the R&D server management computer and either transfer or delete research blueprints to other computers on station. If no one else has, you should probably allow robotics to access your research findings by that computer. It is usually applicable to their research, too!