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Welcome, prospective Securitan, to the guide to end all guides: how not to be Shitcurity.

Being a Security role, whether you're a standard Security Officer doing all the dirty work, a Detective finding clues to find the suspect, a Warden dealing with all of the unruly prisoners or so on, you're expected to perform in a higher degree of work.

Besides that, before playing a member of ANY Security Role. Read Rule 10 OR RISKED GETTING JOBBANNED.

The Hierarchy

  • Nanotrasen CentCom outranks everyone, including all of the roles stated below. While they're immune to Space Law, they can also alter Space Law as they see fit, as this only applies to the current shift.
  • The Magistrate cannot issue any orders to anyone in Security, but they are the ultimate authority on all matters concerning Space Law, and their sentencing is final, overruling even the Captain. Exception is made, of course, when their decisions are blatantly wrong and/or the Magistrate is abusing their power.
  • The Captain, if necessary, can overrule the Head of Security, but most of the time this shouldn't happen. Most of the time. Keep in mind, however, that if your orders are blatantly illegal or a breach of SOP, you are fully justified in disobeying them. Space Law takes precedence over Chain of Command.
  • The Head of Security holds authority to the entirety of the Security Team. They take orders and answer to the Captain and they have equal power like all of the Heads do. But when they committed crime, they'll have the right to arrest them, with a few exceptions.
  • The Warden holds authority over the Brig whenever there is no Head of Security, or the Head of Security is not present. If there is one, however, their job is to make sure Security Records are updated, prisoners are processed properly and the Armory isn't looted, and their authority ends there.
  • Security Officers, the Detective, the Security Pod Pilot, the Brig Physician and the Warden all share the same rank and take orders from the Head of Security who takes orders from the Captain.

The Procedure

See Standard Operating Procedure (Security).

These are the guidelines you should follow when performing your duties. Keep in mind, however, that even these guidelines are malleable if the situation so requires it, and you should not follow it to the letter, to the detriment of the overall context. Remember, context is king.

  • You are an enforcer of Space Law. Exceptions are Detectives (Under most circumstances) and Brig Physicians.
  • Security Officers and/or Pod Pilot Officers are the first line of defense when it comes to a dangerous situation. The Warden, second. The Detective, third (or second if they have permission from the HoS or the Warden). And the Head of Security, last. Brig Physicians are only MEDICS and not Security to their purpose.
  • Don't kill unless you are in serious danger or the suspect is guilty of a capital crime and is aggressively resisting arrest or if they are an enemy of the corporation that cannot be captured. (Such as a fully powered vampire with mist form) See The Lethal Option below for more info.
  • On Code Green you cannot simply search anyone you feel needs a search, you will need a warrant from the Head of Security.
  • Don't just tase and cuff the guy that broke that window on code green. Ask the suspect to halt, state your reason for arrest and cuff them. If they don't cooperate stun to your heart's desire.

The Equipment

See Security Items.

Most of the equipment you'll use is available in the various Sec Lockers in the Locker Room (remember to close and lock the lockers when you're done with them), which also has a SecVend machine, which dispenses handcuffs, energy bolas, evidence bags, seclites, flashes, flashbangs and, for the hungry cop in all of us, doughnuts.

The more advanced equipment is stored in the Armory, and is only handed out with Warden and/or Head of Security approval, seeing as they're the only people in Security with access to it. Remember, Armory equipment is valuable and should not be wasted on minor crimes. Remember to put it back if the threat is over.

Go to the equipment storage of the brig and be sure you have the following:

  • HUDSunglasses (Eye protection, it also allows to set security records on-the-go.)
  • Security Belt
    • Stun Baton
    • Flash (Disarms and disorients anyone without eye protection)
    • An extra pair of cuffs
    • Pepperspray (Optional, but they do robust anyone that isn't covering their face.)
    • Flashbang Grenade (An area-of-effect version of flash, with a timer of 5 seconds. You'll start the shift with this.)
  • Hybrid Taser (Attach a taclite to the taser as an attachment, the taser itself comes in with stun or disable options.)
  • Security gas mask (Optional, can be used to shout at criminal scum with an intimidating voice, protect from accidental pepperspray and it can also provide as an internals mask.)
  • Standard Armor Vest and Helmet (Very good for absorbing a bit of every damage)

Be sure to have your security belt open so you can access your items quickly in case something bad happens.

DON'T RUN AROUND WITH YOUR TASER OR BATON OUT. This is especially true during Code Green, it is considered a SOP Breach when you patrol around with your equipment in hand and worst, someone will simply push you over and take your stuff. Not only will your fellow officers laugh at you but you probably handed a syndicate agent your stuff.

The Law

Space Law is a summary of all legally prosecutable crimes and their sentences. No one aboard the station is immune to, or above, Space Law, not even the Captain or Magistrate, and any attempts to prove otherwise are to be handled with proper disciplinary action, and probably a fax to Central Command.

When handling sentences, make sure you have all the available evidence (if there is any beyond eyewitness testimony) handy. Read Space Law plenty of times to get the hang of some minor differences between laws, especially when it comes to the "Notes" section of all of them. Breaking into the Brig and taking a Taser from a table is Theft. Disarming an Officer and taking the taser from their hands is Robbery.

Here is an example:

  • A greytide broke into engineering for that sweet toolbox and he ran from arrest at every opportunity. He is guilty of Breaking and Entering (medium crime; 5 to 10 minutes) and resisting arrest (Minor crime; warning to 5 minutes) for a total of up to 10 to 15 minutes in a brig cell.
  • A Station Engineer turned Cult Member assaulted several officers while in having a cult blade on their hand. He was later arrested. In this case, he is guilty of Assault of an Officer (Major crime; 10 to 15 minutes) and Possession of a Restricted Weapon (Also a major crime; 10 to 15 minutes). However, during that time, Security knew about a cult, so they deconverted him back to his old faith. They were pardoned of their crimes due to Hostile Brainwashing, in which, they're released from the brig. Though his cult blade was confiscated because it's contraband.

If you want to play Security, you are expected to know Space Law like the back of your hand. Oversentencing and undersentencing should not be done because you "feel like it". There is an entire section of Special Modifiers that can be applied to reduce or increase a given person's sentence, and they cover most, if not all, potential situations. Remember, Space Law affects everyone.

The Locations

Arrivals Checkpoint: This checkpoint is near the Arrival Shuttle. It has an ID Computer which the Head of Personnel can man, as well as other security computers. There is also a locker with security gear. Late-joining security officers might find it to be a good idea to take the equipment from here;

The Brig: The main imprisonment area. Six cells can be filled at any one time, and it is the Warden's job to make sure prisoners are properly processed and released.

Security Office: Security's main base of operations. The security lockers with equipment are found here, as well as the Head of Security’s Office and the Briefing Room. Within the Locker Room is a SecVend machine. Contained within are several pieces of equipment useful to security officers (flashes, energy bolas, flash bangs, handcuffs, evidence bag boxes, and doughnuts).

Armory/Secure Armory: Security's main weapons repository, under the jurisdiction of the Warden and Head of Security. Contains extra Tasers, Energy Guns, Laser Guns, Riot Shotguns (with a variety of ammunition), an Ablative Vest, an Ion Rifle, two Security Hardsuits and Riot Suits. Next to the Armory you can also find Portable Flashers and Barriers, in addition to a selection of implants, extra handcuffs and flashbangs, a toolbox and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) gear.

Firing Range: Contains rechargers, earmuffs, and dummies to practice your aim on.

BrigBay: The Brig Physician's area of operations. Contains a sleeper, a locker with a bunch of first aid kits, beds, roller beds and other such medical material. Usually used to treat prisoners.

Detective's Office: The Detective hangs out here. Contains a camera monitor in the shape of a TV, as well as smaller Forensics Lab with a Medical Records and Security Records computer, as well as Evidence Lockers.

Head of Security's Office: Beware of Araneus, that's where your boss - the Head of Security, usually stays.

Prison Wing: Contains the Permabrig (where prisoners go to spend the rest of their rounds when they've done a bad), the Solitary Confinement Room (where really bad prisoners go to time-out when they've really done a bad) and the Execution Room (where prisoners go to die when they've really done a bad). Below the Permabrig is a small cubby hole where a tank with knockout gas (Nitrous Oxide) can be hooked up, allowing you to knock out anyone inside the Permabrig. Down below, you'll find the Evidence Storage Room (with a bunch of lockers for storing evidence), the Interrogation Room (for one-on-one interrogation), the Interrogation Observation Room (which contains monitors that let you see the Interrogation Room, as well as a locker with an Electropack) and the Processing Room, where you'll put most of your apprehended suspects while you check their belongings and deliver a sentence;

Labor Camp: Where prisoners go to mine and serve their sentence. Contains a small observation area locked behind Security access, as well as a Sustenance Vendor, a small medical room, mining equipment, and a Security Ofitser (Beepsky's long-lost cousin).

Warden's Office: Where the Warden can watch Processing, as well as monitor Security Records and the Camera Network. Also contains a Prisoner Management console, which lets you set the number of Mining Points a Labor Camp prisoner needs to collect (via the Prisoner ID), as well as check up on anyone with a Tracking and Chemical Implant.

Gamma Armory: While it initially does not appear in most shifts, the Gamma Armory is a secured pod that can only be called via Central Command during Gamma-level emergencies. Contains a fully armed Durand, as well as a selection of ballistic and laser weaponry

The Bots

Security has, at the beginning of the round, three very special Security Bots. These are tiny little walking batons that can be summoned by the AI, or via PDA, and will proceed to stun and cuff anyone with their Security Status set to Arrest (see below). These are:

  • Officer Beepsky: Voted Best Security Officer of All Time. You will find him patrolling the hallways, and you can summon him via your PDA, or by asking the AI;
  • Officer Pingsky: Beepsky's little brother, who guards the AI Minisat in an eternal vigil;
  • Labor Camp Ofitser: A lone Security Bot, patrolling the mostly empty Labor Camp

In addition to these bots, Robotics can also produce more, as well as the dreaded ED-209, a highly mobile Security Bot with a ranged taser.

These bots have several customizable options. They can either Arrest or Detain someone (stun+cuff or simply repeated stunning, respectively), they can check for Weapons Permits on people carrying weapons and they can be set to arrest anyone not wearing an ID (note: this is a really bad option to use unless you have hostile changelings or other antagonists walking around without ID cards).

The Records

Security Records are fully accessible via a Security Records computer, or a laptop bought with a Security ID. In addition, examining someone while wearing SecHUDs will let you access an abridged version of the person's records, in addition to their notes and Security Status.

While most of the Records are there for recordkeeping (such as keeping track of who did what and where and when), the Security Status of a person allows anyone with a SecHUD to see a small icon under their Job Icon on their HUD. These are:

  • Arrest: A red square with a white W. Any Security Bots (ED-209s included) will immediately attempt to apprehend anyone with this Status when near them;
  • Imprisoned: A yellowish square with a white P. Use these for anyone in the Brig. Prisoners with Prisoner IDs have this status by default, and it cannot be changed;
  • Paroled: A green square with a white P. Use these for people who have been released, but are still under surveillance;
  • Released: A blue square with a white R. Remember to always change Imprisoned/Arrest Status to this when people are released without parole; It will always set to Released when the brig timer is up.
  • Execute: A red square with a white X. While this cannot be unset by SecHUDs, it will be used for prisoners who are needed to be executed, either on sight or by sentence.

These Statuses (Except Execute) can be viewed and changed by anyone wearing a SecHUD by examining someone, which means you, as a regular Officer, can update Security Records on the go!

The Arrest

See Standard Operating Procedure (Security) again.

Normally, you want to arrest someone with the minimal amount of fuss. If someone's committed a crime, but aren't acting hostile, try talking to them and getting them to come willingly. If they refuse to, a burst of pepperspray/stunbaton whack/taser round, followed by cuffing, will do the job. When doing this in public areas, remember to aim properly, as accidental stunning can very quickly snowball into a storm of anti-Security disarming and tablestunning.

Keeping on the crew's good side during an arrest is also a good idea. If you have people near you during an arrest, and the criminal is sitting there, state their crimes clearly so everyone knows what's up, and, as mentioned, try to get them to come quietly.

However, there are some occasions where this is simply not possible. If the criminal is actively fleeing Security, talking is no longer an option. Get the taser/disabler rounds or the stunbaton ready, because that jackrabbit ain't stopping until you grab it by the ears. Remember, non-lethal approaches should always be taken first. Try to exhaust non-lethal takedowns before progressing to force.

The Lethal Option

When to apply this force, you ask? Well, as detailed in Standard Operating Procedure (Security) and Space Law, Lethal Force is authorized under very specific circumstances. However, there are also exception circumstances where force may be applied to subdue a target, all of them involving situations where non-lethal methods physically do not work:

  • Changelings: Shape shifting abominations that escaped a lab and have gone under the employ of the Syndicate. They killed a random crew member to get on the station and start the shift with their identity/form. They are KILL ON SIGHT. You must decapitate their head off in order to guarantee they will not return, they easily revive from any injury for as long as their head is on their shoulders. The cremator works as an alternative.
  • Shadowlings: Creatures that are pitch black in appearance. They are sensitive to light and so will mainly be found in the darkness of maintenance. Soon, they'll ascend and soon be invincible to everything! They are KILL ON SIGHT.
  • Wizards: Terrorists with magic, with their goal of causing destruction to the station. They are easily identifiable by the obvious wizard garbs they wear. They are KILL ON SIGHT.
  • Nuclear Operatives: Extremely elite syndicate operatives with the objective to nuke the station and leave no witnesses. They tend to wear glaringly evil hardsuits. They are KILL ON SIGHT.
  • Fully-Powered Vampires: Vampires that cannot be captured. They are full of the blood of their countless victims and will jaunt whenever faced with an attempt at their arrest. They can, however, eventually run out of blood to escape security but it's safer to just terminate them.
  • Cultists and Constructs: Blood cultists worship the geometer of blood Nar'Sie and might have the objective to summon Nar'Sie which will cause the destruction of the station and possibly all sentient life in the galaxy. Cultists are crew that have been brainwashed into doing the blood god's bidding and can be captured and then returned to normality through the force feeding of 'holy water'. Certainly NOT kill on sight unless there are too many/spilling into the halls and cutting crew up with their claymores.
  • Revolutionaries: A few head revolutionaries snuck onto the station with high tech brainwashing flashes. With these flashes they can brainwash anyone without a mindshield into believing in their cause. The cause being to murder the heads of staff. Mindshielding brainwashed crew will revert them back to their pre-brainwash state. You can also try to harmbaton them on their heads for a 50% de-rev chance. The head revs cannot be de-reved, even with a mindshield and must be killed on the spot.
  • Rampaging Hulks: Personnel with the Hulk gene cannot be stunned or disabled, and usually come packaged with other Genes as well. If they're out of control, and there's no one around with Mutadone, beating them to <25% of their Health removes the Hulk status and allows you to detain them, secure genetic and medical treatment, and properly process them;
  • Adrenaline Implants: If a Traitor activates an Adrenaline Implant, all non-lethal options are thrown out the window for a brief window of time. They can be stunned, but can simply shrug off all stuns within a moment's notice. If they are acting overly hostile and attacking anyone, lethal force may well be the only way to subdue them properly;
  • Guardian Users: Usually, those Guardians belong either to the Syndicate or the Wizard Federation. Good luck actually capturing a suspect with a holoparasite. By the time you're done cuffing them their holoparasite has already snapped your neck into an irregular angle. They are KILL ON SIGHT. Don't forget to target the host and not the parasite itself, if the host dies the parasite follows.
  • Narcotics: Some Narcotics can reduce stun times immensely and, unlike Adrenaline Implants, can be mass produced. See the above point.

In addition to all this, Lethal Force is the only effective way of stopping a powered-up Antagonist on a killing spree. If someone's chopping heads off with a chainsaw while under the influence of Adrenaline shots, or if a vampire has just looted the Armory and is opening fire willy-nilly, break out the Harm intent and grab the guns. The station and crew's well-being and safety are at risk.

The Processing

This is the last part of your job before the actual brigging of the criminal. Bring the person to the Processing Room, search their belongings (remember to check their PDA for any illegal cartridges, incriminating PDA messages, stolen IDs or even open Uplinks), present the evidence to the Warden (if there is one) and pass down a sentence. If there is no Warden, you'll just have to do it yourself. Do not request the Head of Security or someone else handle the processing if you're capable of doing so; even regular old Security Officers are expected to know Space Law fully.

  • When it comes to putting someone in a cell be sure to place their bag, as well as any tools they are in possession of in the cell's locker.
  • Leave the prisoner bucklecuffed so you can step outside and set their sentence. Every cell has an associated monitor which when used and the time set will close the cell's door and lock the cell's closet.
  • After you have done the above, step back inside and uncuff the prisoner and ensure that their security status is correct. Feel free to flash them upon removing their cuffs in case they are dangerous.

  • When it comes to Permanent Imprisonment, either in the Permabrig or the Labor Camp, you should head to the small room just between the practice range and solitary confinement. There, you will find several lockers with prisoner jumpsuits and orange shoes.
  • If a prisoner is to receive Permanent Imprisonment, strip them of everything and replace their headset with a basic headset that is found in any of the lockers then put on the prisoner jumpsuit and shoes and finally give them a Prisoner ID. After that, place them either in the Permabrig or the Labor Camp. (Labor camp if you want them to 'tragically' die to a monster but don't do it unless you're a douchebag)

For unruly prisoners, you can requisition the Straightjacket from the Execution Room, or just leave them in solitary until they learn to behave.

The Execution

Sometimes, people need to be executed.

As detailed in Space Law (and when the situation does not fall under the permissible situations of Lethal Force), Executions can only be authorized by the Captain or Magistrate, and any unauthorized Executions are, legally, Murder (which is in itself an Executable offense). Note that besides approval from command, the captain or the magistrate must fax central command about the execution before it can proceed. Executing someone before this fax is sent can be considered murder regardless of command approval.

Executions can legally be done in one of three (technically four) ways:

  • Firing Squad: Usually done in the firing range, but can be done anywhere inside the Brig, so long as you actually have a firing squad;
  • Electric Chair: The most often used method of execution. Kills in 1-2 pulses and leaves behind a husked corpse;
  • Lethal Injection: Located in the Execution Room's locker are a group of syringes with a deadly concoction;
  • Gas Inhalation:
  • Asphyxiation:
  • Borgification: Normally reserved for post-Execution, but can also be used as an Execution method in and of itself (though it is needlessly cruel and inhumane). Stick the poor bastard on the surgical table and let the Roboticist go to town on that brain. May want to keep watch to make sure it goes through.

After any and all Executions, the body must be handled. Changelings must be either Cremated or Borged, as they can just regenerate from death. As for everyone else, make sure their body is either Borged, cremated, shot out of the Mass Driver or put in the Morgue (with a huge big DO NOT CLONE tag on the tray). The same goes for the brainless body after a Borgification.

The Crew

You are Security. You are here to protect the crew and the station.

As such, keeping on their good side is generally a good idea. People will be more willing to be cooperative if you let them know you're just trying to be helpful, and will be infinitely nicer to you if you act approachable as well. Simple stuff like not walking around with guns/batons out does wonders for how the general crew sees you. Interacting with them during down times will make you seem more approachable and, above all, human.

Remember, you're here to protect the crew, not rule over them like a militaristic clique. Let them know you're always there for them, that you're ready to protect them and, above all, always respond when people call for help. It may be something minor, but it also might be something major. A crew that knows Security is always there for them is a crew that will be a lot more warm towards Security.

If you have to imprison someone, and people protest the decision, listing the person's crimes is all you can really do. If they insist on protesting because "Shitcurity is Shitcurity", grit your teeth, do your job, and keep that baton in your belt. Don't let them bait you into becoming what they say you are. That'll just feed the cycle.

The Shitcuritans

Some times, Shitcurity is real.

The people most suited to handling Shitcurity are, well, Security. If one of you is acting like a "bad cop" from them 1960s, you're in a prime position to either discipline them as a group, or simply get them fired outright.

Let the crew know that the actions of one do not reflect the actions of the group. If there are rotten apples, pick them out and throw them away. If this rotten apple happens to be the Head of Security, the same logic applies. No one is above Space Law and common decency, and if your boss decides to institute Martial Law because someone, somewhere, sneezed funny, it isn't your right to get their ass disciplined.

It's your duty.

Welcome to Security.