Highlander / There Can Only Be One

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Space Scotsman

Access: Everywhere
Difficulty: Extremely Hard
Supervisors: No one but your trusty sword.
Duties: Fight other Highlanders, Survive until the end, be the last man on the station(s).
Guides: This is the guide.

Available via Round Vote or Admin Secret, you become a one man army. Armed with a claymore, a kilt, and a fashionable beret, it is your duty to be the last man standing.


As an army of one, it is your duty to be the last man standing. Alliances are not suggested, as there can only be one in the end. Should you survive until the round ends, you are deemed the last man standing.

Additionally, you may be tasked with collecting the nuclear authentication disk. The pinpointer that spawns in your pocket is handy for doing so.

Unfortunately, when this secret is activated, all mobs are dressed up in a kilt, combat boots, a beret, a claymore, and a pinpointer. This means that any Vox will start to suffocate due to the loss of their mask and tank, while plasmamen will begin to burn and suffocate as well due to the loss of their environmental suit. An adminhelp to alert the admins of this may land you a new antagonist position, or a new body to start all over again.


Trust no one. You've been given a claymore which has a fairly good chance at cutting off limbs and heads. Use this to your advantage. Should you down another Highlander, stealing their claymore is strongly suggested. The claymores have a 50% chance of blocking attacks, so use whatever semblance of luck you have to your advantage.

Ranged weapons are dishonourable, and will be useless against someone wielding a Highlander Claymore anyways. Should you be holding a Highlander Claymore you'll be unable to lower yourself to even firing such a cowardly weapon, though you can pick them up to place them in the trash where they belong! Stun weapons will likely incur the wrath of the gods, deeming use of such weapons as a demonstration of weakness and low confidence in your own martial prowess.

Game Ending Conditions

Be the last man standing. Survive until the shuttle docks with Central Command.

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