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Cluwnage ELITE

Honk Squad
Access: Full Access! You heard right, honk honk!
Difficulty: HONK (Very Easy)
Supervisors: Central Command, The Honkmother
Duties: Honkinate the threat, as well as anyone else on the station.
Guides: List of hilarious pranks here!

This is a serious Honk job! HonkHorn.png Honk! Honk!

The HONKsquad is a squad of Honkmmandos under the employ of Central Command's Special Honk division! Unlike the Call O' Duty Shooty Tooties the HONKers honk on the record at all times, and deals with the greatest possible known threat in the Cosmos, Boredom. The crew knows all about their HILARIOUS antics, and some would quite honestly prefer "The Alternative" to these highly trained professionals.

HonkHorn.png As a Member Of The Honk Squad

Your PRIME DUTY is to HONK any moving thing that you come across. You and other HONK Squadmates have the mission, the vocation, and the prerogative to preach to the crew about your lord HONKMOTHER, or just mess things up. It all depends on your head for honking and robust prankfare. That or if you actually catch the slip on an actual threat with superior Honk Power.

Yes, the crew will attempt to murder you and/or torture you, because they've been affected by nefarious vile influences, or have just become annoying book worms with a penchant for self-harm which just makes you cringe. If you have been killed anyways 4noraisins despite fulfilling none of the above, please refer then to these provided pictures: Validsalad.png Clownstears.png

This is why it is the duty of every HONK Squad member to help protect one another, especially those of higher ranks in the squad.

Starting Off


You start in arrivals shuttle with standard Entertainment Specialist equipment, a survival kit, a unique Clown Helmet, and a single banana. Each HONK Squad Member also receives either a Pie Launcher, or a HONK Rifle firing snap-poppers. You may, however, talk to your Central Command Official (or other superior) for Honkperior "Tools".

Affiliations and Honkthority

You only take orders from Central Command or your Squad Leader, and of course The Honkmother herself. Your ID will state your rank among your fellow Clowns as well as your responsibility for their safety. Note, you DEFINITELY are still upon the same ranks and authority as The Untalented Troupe, and you are permitted to HONK anyone who says otherwise, despite all objections to the contrary! HOOONK!


Objectives depends on how your superiors (a Central Command Official or Squad Leader) determine your approach, or admins assign them for you. These will usually range from entertaining the crew to dealing with deadly threats you obviously aren't equipped to deal with, either way you must set out to complete them in name of The Honkmother.

If no clear objectives are given, then follow the natural Clowning urge to honk and spread joy to the crew in dire need.


STAY TOGETHER!!! Your only advantage is numbers and HIGHLY LETHAL honks. Make sure to do whatever you're intended to do, and if you don't have anything to do, try not to die from a lynch.

  • Your Bike Horn does a massive three damage when thrown, making it probably the best melee weapon you start with.
  • Always pray to the Honkmother for a Mega Honk Grenade upon spawning. It's slip'n'slide fun!
  • Your Squad Leader has the same authority as the Command ERT Member, despite this the crew will ignore you, and attempt to take your all-access IDs.
  • Should the assigned Comdom not recognize your Honkthority, slipping them approximately thirty times in a row has been shown most effective by HONK Field Operatives. Alternatively requesting a Central Command Announcement to confirm your proper rank and identification may also work.
The Honk List
Skippers Comdom-in-ChiefMr. All-AccessHead of No-FunLeader of Yellow GlovesClueless or NerdmaniacThat Mule which wanders The Medbay
Audience VIPs Paper BinHas a Really Cool Dumb WigGoose Chaser
Fun Police Abuses-His-GlovesRedtider GoonArrests you anywaysNeeds a laughComplaint BoxProlongs torture
Yellow Glove Tribals Glove DispenserSpace Pod to-go!Insane Axe-wielder
The Barnyard DocTaxi ManThe Lube SourceGIB HALK PLZ?!Pierrot's ThroatStraitjacketsFunny guy
The Gaping Hole in the station Nerd/Mauled/Bits on the floor/Closing shuttersBusy reading a guide
Hats and Guns Pretends to be neededBribe to order hatsBringers of Bananium
Dysfunctional In-laws EnabledKnifeGunPasses PeelsThe only person more useless than the Clown Slip for a razor!
The Gang HobosThe best, and the only, honkmaster of pranks, the derogatory complainer himself, The ClownThe Greatest Enemy, or Greatest FriendemyHonkmother CommunerGET OUT!
Enablers DoorknobNeeds Honk ModuleTalk-BoxBest FriendSalt Shakers from The VeilCheese Fodder
The Critics SlipsDNA GourmetStill slipsParty PoppersWiznerdEmosFlying BricksBasement DwellerDislikes Banana Juice12 stools for Nuke, yaya?Free OverdoseIPC FireworksThe Meat GrinderExplosive Pizza Express DeliverersNot funnyAyylmaosAte your statue
"Special" Greater ComdomsThe Untalented TroupePranked Squad Commando90-year old man in suit slipped by clown and beaten to death! LIVE!Brethren GoofsCosplayersMurderboned and boned