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Craftable Items are items that can be crafted using the Crafting Menu (Which is located in the bottom right corner of the HUD, the T button). They are divided into several items, they have different categories from Weaponry, Ammunition, Robots, Food, Misc and Tribal. All of these items have different purposes, so pick item you need at the categories below.

To Craft Items: Have all materials prepared before you craft. If an item needs tools, you need to have the tools at your hand first. Put all the items next to your character, go to the Crafting Menu and find the item to craft. It takes time before crafting will be finished.


Image Name Ingredients Description
IED.gif IED 1 Cable Coil, 1 Drink Can (Any), 1 Igniter, 50 Welding Fuel A weak, improvised incendiary device.

It explodes randomly between 3 to 8 seconds.

Explosivelance.gif Explosive Lance 1 Grenade (Any), 1 Spear A spear with a grenade attached to it.

It detonates upon impact.

Molotov.GIF Molotov 1 Drink Bottle (Any), 1 Rag A throwing weapon used to ignite things, typically filled with an accelerant.

Recommended highly by rioters and revolutionaries. Light and toss.

Prod.gif Stunprod 1 Cable Cuff, 1 Igniter, 1 Metal Rod An improvised stun baton.

It stuns for a shorter duration for more cost compared to a stun baton.

Bola.gif Bola 1 Cable Cuff, 6 Metal Sheet A restraining device designed to be thrown at the target.

Slows down movement speed. Resist to break out of it.

Flamethrower.gif Flamethrower 1 Igniter, 1 Metal Rod, 1 Welding Wool (Screwdriver) You are a firestarter!

Attach a plasma tank for a more powerful fuel. Don't forget to light it.

Improvised Shotgun 1 Modular Receiver, 5 Package Wrapper, 1 Pipe, 1 Rifle Stock (Screwdriver)
Chainsaw 1 Cable Coil, 1 Circulaw Saw, 1 Plasteel (Welding Tool)
Spear 1 Cable Cuff, 1 Glass Shard, 1 Metal Rod
Makeshift Garrote 5 Cable Coil, 1 Wood Plank (Kitchen Knife)
Powered Crossbow 10 Cable Coil, 3 Metal Rod, 3 Plastic, 5 Wood Plank (Screwdriver, Welding Tool)
Chemical Payload (C4) 1 Basic Matter Bin, 1 C4, 2 Grenade Casing
Chemical Payload (gibtonite) 1 Basic Matter Bin, 1 Gibtonite, 2 Grenade Casing


Image Name Ingredients Description
Meteorshotshell.gif Meteorshot Shell 1 Compressed Matter Cartride, 2 Micro-Manipulators, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) A shotgun shell rigged with CMC technology.

Launches a massive slug when fired.

Pulseslugshell.gif Pulse Slug Shell 2 Advanced Capacitors, 1 Ultra-High Micro-Laser, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) A delicate device which can be loaded into a shotgun.

Fires a powerful energy blast.

Dragonsbreathshell.gif Dragonsbreath Shell 5u Phosphorus, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) A shotgun shell which fires a spread of incendiary pellets.

It ignites everything on its way.

Frag12shell.gif FRAG-12 Shell 5u Fluorosulphuric Acid, 5u Glycerol, 5u Sulphuric Acid, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) A high explosive breaching round for a 12 gauge shotgun.
Ionscattershell.gif Ion Scatter Shell 1 Ansible Crystal, 1 Ultra-High Micro-Laser, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) An advanced shotgun shell which uses a subspace ansible crystal to produce an effect similar to a standard ion rifle.

As the name suggests, it's a scatter shot.

Improvisedshell.gif Improvised Shotgun Shell 1 Cable Coil, 1 Grenade Casing, 1 Metal, 10 Welding Fuel (Screwdriver) An extremely weak shotgun shell with multiple small pellets made out of metal shards.
Improvisedshell.gif Overload Improvised Shell 10u Black Powder, 1 Iprovised Shotgun Shell, 20u Plasma Dust (Screwdriver) A powerful shell that is prone to backfire.
Laserslugshell.gif Laser Slug Shell 1 Advanced Capacitor, 1 High-Power Micro-Laser, 1 Unloaded Technological Shell Fires a laser beam.
Makeshift Bolt 1 Metal Rod (Welding Tool)


See Guide to Robotics (Bots).


See Guide to Food and Drinks (Crafting Recipes).


Image Name Ingredients Description
Camera Obscura 1 Camera, 10u Holy Water
Paper Sack 5 Paper
Homemade Soap 10u Liquid Gib, 1 Tape Roll
Latex Glove Balloon 5 Cable Coil, 1 Latex Gloves
Golden Bike Horn 5 Bananium, 1 Bikehorn
Black Carpet 1 Carpet Tile (Crayon)
Shower Curtains 2 Roll of Cloth, 1 Metal Rod, 2 Plastic


Image Name Ingredients Description
Bonfire 5 Tower Caps

The mushroom bowl, boat and goliath bone oar items are lavaland-related and so useless at the moment.