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Access: Space
Difficulty: Medium to Extremely Hard
Supervisors: Bigger Meteors
Duties: Avoid those meteors!
Guides: This is the guide.

An unexpected event sends the station on a trajectory that places it in a collision course with a nearby asteroid field! Your objectives are to stay alive while meteors crash into the exterior of the station steadily ripping it to pieces.


Meteor is a gamemode wherein the station is subject to an endless barrage of meteors. The goal of this gamemode is to survive for a predetermined period of time until an emergency shuttle can safely dock with the station to evacuate the surviving crewmembers. During this time the station will suffer cataclysmic damage from the incoming meteor barrage, with most of the exterior-facing departments being completely destroyed by the end of the shift.

The safest place on station is Central Primary Hallway and the Bridge area, though this can vary depending on the trajectory of the meteors. External-facing areas such as Security, Engineering, Science, the AI Satellite and various service areas such as Cargo, Arrivals and Maintenance are generally pummeled into scrap early on into the round. Generally speaking the crew should seek to secure as much oxygen and EVA-capable equipment as possible prior to the meteors striking the station.

Meteors will come in waves, allowing for brief periods of time to conduct repairs to important areas such as Escape.

It may be worthwhile to fortify certain areas in advance against meteor strikes by reinforcing or doubling up existing walls. Once a pre-determined period is up, usually thirty minutes, the transfer shuttle may be called to evacuate the crew off station. It's generally recommended that you head to Escape in advance, since the shuttle typically arrives during a meteor barrage and is subject to being damaged by meteors.

About This Gamemode

This gamemode is not in active rotation and should not be confused with the Meteor Wave event. Meteor is its own gamemode like Nations, Mutiny, and Revolution that can be picked by an administrator to occur during a given round. There are no antagonists during a Meteor round and the crew are expected to work together to survive the incoming onslaught of meteors.

Tips For This Gamemode

  • Secure oxygen deprivation kits and internals as soon as you can.
  • Maximize your suit sensors so you can be found in an emergency.
  • Secure EVA equipment, and order extra equipment from Cargo if possible.
  • Reinforce vital areas such as Medbay, Escape, and Central Primary Hallway.
  • Conduct repairs between meteor waves, rather than during them.
  • Head to escape in advance when the shuttle is called.

Game Ending Conditions

  • The crew escape on the transfer shuttle.

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